Traxsource Hype Chart March 14th, 2022 exclusive song – [30-Mar-2022]

Acid Pauli – No Kick, No Cry (Dj Tennis Remix)
Adrian Bilt – The Queen (Original Mix)
Adrian Roman – Infinito
Adri Block, Paul Parsons – How Long (Original Mix)
Adri Blok – She Don’t Know How To Dance (Original Mix)
Against The Tide – Light My Fire
Agent Stereo – The Last House Party
Alessandro De Tuglie – Dat Mf Flow
Alex Agore – Daydreaming
Alexny – Phased Deep
Alex Preston – Don’t You Even Try (Extended Mix)
Alvaro Smart – Lollipop
Ananda Project, Fizzikx – Icu (Fizzikx Gets Jazzy Remix)
Andy Bach, David Edward – I Can’t Live Without House Music (Extended Mix)
Andy Compton, The Rurals, Nekoye Ommeh, Kafele – Nibambe (Shamrocks Afro Mix)
Antonio Deep Scarano, Cole Naima, Toshi – Viki (Original Roots Mix)
Antonio Santana – Japan Smooth
Arms45 – Miami Spice
Austins Groove – Groove To The Beat
Azete – Chase The Ace (Extended Mix)
Benkane – Free Your Body
Beyond Noiz – You Feel (Original Mix)
B-Liv – Shona Afro People
Bob Sinclar, Roxanne Shante – Reels (Extended Mix)
Bondax, Eno Williams – I Only Have You (Feat. Eno Williams) (Bruise Remix)
Bonetti – Magic Again
Boon, Josh Arise, Coco Malone – Take Back Your Power (Club Mix)
Bsc, Lee Wilson – In Time (Original Mix)
B&S Concept – You Get Down
Carlos Francisco, Efue – Life (Javi Colors Remix)
Cassimm, Nagem – Like I Do (Feat. Nagem) (Extended Mix)
Catz ‘n Dogz, Megane Mercury – Kiki (Solomun Remix)
Ch1ller – Mushroom Soup
Chairmen Of The Board, Wheeler Del Torro – Reach Out (T-Deeps Soulful Mix Instrumental)
Chaleee, Nuzu Deep – Imitandazo (Salah Ananse Remix)
Chanwill – Intimate
Chemars – Just Say It
Chewy Rubs, North Laine – Love Is All We Need (Chewy Rubs & North Laine Dub)
Chicago Nacho Militia – Give It Up (Original Mix)
Chiffon Zoo – Walking With The Wolves
Christos Fourkis, Kg Bones – Life
Cj Reign – On Da Deck
Claborg – Got A Lot To Live
Club Squisito – Parachute (Original Mix)
Coflo – A Warrior’s Dance (Ron Trent Remix)
Col Lawton, Tissa Rahim – Let Go
Conrado – By 56
Corrado Alunni – Other Sounds (Original Mix)
Corsica One – Moana
Cory Wells – Come Chill (2022 Remix)
Daniel Carrasco – Con Azucar
Daniel Carrasco, Dj Cocodil – La Parcera
Dan Laino – Can’t Stop
Darren Studholme – Hope (Sweet Bliss Mix)
Darren Studholme, Poetic Leestar – The Good Times (Afro Soul Mix)
David Morales, Lea Lorien – Never Looking Back (Sandy KOT Rivera Remix)
David Zylberman – Expansions
Dazzle Drums – Tam Tam
Deneila – Feel Good
Denton (Uk), Sohmi – Get To You (Extended Mix)
Dexter Troy – Sweat! (Original Mix)
Discogalactix, Federfunk – 1999 (Vocal Mix)
Discogalactix, Federfunk – Maybe Baby (Original Mix)
Distant People, Missfly, Tom Chubb – Let Me Love You (Tom Chubb Remix)
Dj Atlance – Le Club, La Nuit
Dj Chus, Dorian Craft – Breathe Feat. Tosz (Themba Remix)
Dj Deano Dna – Positive Energy
Dj Dyde – You’re Moving (Radio Edit)
Dj Fede – Congalegre
Dj Funsko – Disco Heat
Dj Pp, Gabriel Rocha – Vengo Del Sur
Dj Roberto Da’silva – Seres De Luz
Dj Tomer, Ricardo, Nomvula Sa – To Our Fathers (Feat. Nomvula Sa) (Extended Mix)
Dj Vivona – Need You Here (Extended Mix)
Dom Dolla, Mansionair – Strangers (With Mansionair) (Nora En Pure Extended Remix)
Donny Rotten – Fools And Hopes
Doug Willis, Dave Lee Zr, Emmaculate – Dougswana (Emmaculate Extended Mix)
Dubby Disco Boyz – My Feeling (Daisuke Miyamoto Remix)
Dubby Disco Boyz – Turn Me On
Echo Deep, Poetic Leestar – Revolution
Ele Producer – Dieptes
Ele Valero – Deeper (Extended)
Essed – Dirty Sexy (Extended Version)
Ethiopian Chyld, Poetic Leestar – Memories
Eva Lansberg – Snow Love
Even Funkier – Long And Slender
Fabian Haneke – Call Me (Extended Mix)
Finest Wear – Got That Feeling
Flowersons – Soul Fever (Original Mix)
F. Physical – It Should
Fred Everything, Trevor Walker, Art Of Tones, Diabel Cissokho – Kafoiyé (Art Of Tones Remix)
Fred Everything, Trevor Walker, Diabel Cissokho – Kafoiyé
Funky Destination – All Disco Love
Gabry Venus, Thomas Dorsi – Escape Your Mind (Original Mix)
Geoffrey C – This Is Hot (Yes Indeedy) (Original Mix)
Ggdex – Confusion (Original Mix)
Giorgio Bassetti, Lee Triffon – Feeling You (Original Mix)
Gruuve – Picking Up (Extended Mix)
Hatiras – Get Yo Self
Horatio Luna, Kai Alce – Boom Boom (Kai Alcé Remix)
Horatio Luna, Patrice Scott – Boom Boom (Patrice Scott Remix)
Hotmood – Love To The Music
Hotswing – Body Movin’ (Extended Mix)
Hudson Magic – Move
Hyenah, Rimarkable – The Manifesto
Hypersoul-X – The Fall (Main Ht)
Igor Gonya – Manu Elle
Infiniti, Juan Atkins – Never Tempt Me
Innervision, Frankie Feliciano, Melonie Daniels – Don’t You Ever Give Up (Feat. Melonie Daniels) (Ricanstruction Vocal)
Inqfive – Foundation (Original Mix)
Iq Musique, Lanote – Riding (Main Vocal Mix)
Jack Kerouak – Get On Up
Jackman Jones – Feel So Good
Jacob Colon – Protagonista (Extended Mix)
James Cool – La Nuit De Nuit (Extended Mix)
James Silk – Boardwalk
Jansons – Moving On (Original Mix)
Jason Merle – Remember The Bassment (Danger Cube’s Bicycle Day Remix)
Jepe – Sud Ost (Original Mix)
Jimi Jules – Too Far
Joe Mangione, Criss Hawk, Melvin Travis – With You (Extended Mix)
John Khan, Paul Lyons, Masmin – It’s You (Original Mix)
John Summit – La Danza (Extended Mix)
Jo Paciello – All I Do (Exteded Original Mix)
Jorge Hurtado – This Party (Original Mix)
José Uceda – Back To Love
Joy Marquez, Alfonso G – Kaya (Original Mix)
Kako Martinez – That’s Right (Original Dutch Mix)
Katermurr – Kerri Beats
Katermurr – Motions
Katermurr – Sereno
Kenny Summit – Burnin’ (Original Mix)
Kenny Summit, Dj Spinna – Burnin’ (Dj Spinna Discolectric Dub)
Ken@Work – So In Love With You
Kingsfiso, Mbuso Khoza – Khala Zome (Feat. Mbuso Khoza) (Lemon & Herb Remix)
Kpd, Rion S – Revel (Extended Mix)
Kristoff Mx – Enjoy Yourself
Lamay – Turnin’ My Heart (Mark Whites Throwback Remix)
Lars Bartkuhn, Marek Bartkuhn, Jan Yannick Elverfeld – Midnight Ceremony
Lasko (Fr), Camilo Morales – How I Feel
Last Vision, Angelo Ceci – Cemetery Gates (Extended Mix)
Lebedev (Ru) – Back To 1992
Leiba – Storia D’amore (Original Mix)
Lexa Hill – Sambero (Lexah Re-Edit)
Live For Love – Crazy Disco
Lucajlove – The Flight
Luis Radio, Pietro Nicosia – Babaza (Original Mix)
Mabel Caamal – People Dance
Marc Spieler – Divided
Marix Green – Listen On (Original Mix)
Marshall (Uk) – Sure (Original Mix)
Martin Thomas – Good 4 U
Marvin Aloys – My Love
Mary Mundy – Love Me, Love Me (The Patchouli Brothers Edit)
Masques III – Bueno
Massimo Vanoni – Piano Weapon (70s Italo Mix)
Matt – R – Stfu (Original Mix)
Maxdal, Roy Picone, B.Grace, T.Markakis – Strong Enough (T.Markakis Extended Remix)
Maxinne – Gruuv (Original Mix)
Meems – Perfect Unity
Mirko & Meex – Forevermore (Dr Packer Remix)
Moody (Uk) – Party Anthem
Moonbootica – June (Ninetoes Remix)
Mysticnature Za, Sindi Zikalala – Part Of Me (Afro Mix)
Natasha Wax, Sevenever – The Person I’ve Never Met
Nate Laurence – Do Right
Neither – Cow Head (Original Mix)
Nic Joseph, Mizbee – On Me
Niteplan – Your B Aint Shit
Notelle, Jansons – Stutter (Original Mix)
Ol3vision – Distances
Old Turn Wood – Tape This
Ollie Sanders – Subliminal Love (Miami Tribute Mix)
Orlando Voorn – Forcefield Energy
Osunlade – I Knee’d
Ottis Blake – Fall In Love
Over12, Cezwear, Ketso Sa, Bamfumu, Team Soul Musiq – Africa (Mr Norble Guy & Dj Satelite Dub Mix)
Paco Caniza – Set You Free
Paco Caniza – Who’s Back
Pako Rubio – Wanna Party!
Paolo Bardelli, Bonatti – Disco Memoir (Decadence In The Club Mix)
Peter Illias, King Ivan – Love Is Blind
Peter Mac – Clipped
Peter Mac – Passionate Flow
Peter Mac, Paul Hamilton – Digit (Original Mix)
Phonika – Leave With Me (Original Mix)
Pig Snatchers, M-Staffs – Head Spin (Club Mix)
Prince.L – Back Before
Raffaele Ciavolino – Lovely Jazz Night (Original Mix)
Raffa Fl – Ritmo
Raiwa – Daddy’s Money (Original Mix)
Raly, Daniel Mesguich – Boredom
Random Soul – Everyday (Extended Mix)
Ray Martinez – Jackin In Space (Original Mix)
Rhythm Staircase – Funky Glass
Rick Marshall – The Music
Risk Assessment, Dj Romain – We Got A Love (Extended Mix)
Rodney Hunter, Ivar – Wishing Well (Extended Mix)
Roger Garcia – Touch Me
Roger Sanchez – Time 2 Stop (A-Trak Extended Remix)
Roland & Brother Rich – Roger Moore’s Living Room
Romanthony – Let Me Show You Love (Crooklyn Mix)
Romeo Louisa – Desires
Roque – Something For Closure
Ross Couch – Love Inside
Rowetta, The Deepshakerz – Price To Pay (James Meid Remix)
Runkle&Moody – Black Heart
Saison – I Need Ya (Local Options Remix)
Saliva Commandos – Everything
Scoopy – Lets Get It
Scruscru, Mike Fot – K60k
Sébastien Léger – Pamparis
Selomi, Nhuza – Buya Kimi
Serge Funk – Yeah Yeah (Extended Mix)
Sergio Sergi – Recondmind
Shaka Loves You – In My Arms
Simone Pagliari – New Direction
Simon Ferdinand – Doublexxx
Simplex Motive – Journey
Sophie Lloyd, Pauline Taylor – Angels By My Side (Feat. Pauline Taylor)
Soul Central – Pray (Extended Mix)
Spacefunk Dub – Think Better
Spencer Parker – Yes Bb
Mr. Saco – Bittersweet
Stanny Abram – Las Boas
Star B, Riva Starr, Mark Broom – Fire (Ron Bacardi Remix)
Stephan Bazbaz – Dars
Stephane Deschezeaux, Bruno Rocca – Just For Tonight (Stephane Deschezeaux Disco Dub Mix)
Stephane Deschezeaux – More Than Enough (Reworked Mix)
Supernova, Lady Vale – Deeper Trip (Extended Mix)
Swanky – I Need Help (Original Mix)
Tenobi – What You Need
Terri Walker, Donae’o – Good Mood Feat. Terri Walker (Extended Mix)
The Djoon Experience, Kenny Bobien – Old Landmark (Coflo X Tomahawk Bang Remix)
The Doberman Club – There Was A Time (Dj Kone & Marc Palacios Extended Remix)
The Fabulous Joker – Old School ’98
The Multiverse Project – Cocoyeah (Marco Anzalone Edit)
The Realm, Jill Rock Jones – I Don’t Like It (Vocal Mix)
The Stoned – All Inside Ur Mind
T.Markakis – Every Day
Todd Terry, House Of Gypsies – Gypsy Dance (Zonum & Will Alonso & The Latin Society Extended Remix)
Tone Troy – Show Me
Très Mortimer, Dana Divine – Girl Like Me (Feat. Dana Divine)
Trinidadian Deep – Sonic Fusion
Vasily Umanets – Frenzied Rhythms
Vick Lavender, Angel A – Cosmic Love (Sophisticado Full Vocal Mix)
Vick Lavender – Set Fire To Me (Time Traveler Rendition Mix)
Vigi – Back 2 Love (Original Mix)
Wes! – Clear The Sample
Wil Milton – Breezy Night
Wolf Story – Raise’ Em High
Yam Who, Jaegerossa, Suki Soul – Tried, Tested
Yann Polewka – Rêves (Rubb Sound System Remix)
Yolanda Be Cool, Volkoder – Work Your Body (Extended Mix)
Yooks & Texsta, Rebecca Scales – I’ll Be Good
Yves Murasca – All About Housemusic (Dario D’attis Extended Remix)

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