Trance song list – [24-Feb-2022]

Allen Watts & Gid Sedgwick – Life’s Unfair (Extended)
Allen Watts & Gid Sedgwick – Life’s Unfair (Original Mix)
Angels & Tilove – Shine For Me (Original Mix)
Chris Connolly – Fonn na hЙireann (Original Mix)
Chris Connolly – Fonn na hЙireann (Radio Edit)
Chris Connolly – The Lunatic (Extended Mix)
Christian Millan – Feelings (Original Mix)
CJ Stone – Shining Star (20 Years Extended Mix)
CJ Stone – Shining Star (20 Years Mix)
Denis Sender – Yesterday (Extended Mix)
Elite Electronic & Popoff – Mental Trip (Extended Mix)
Iberian – Angels Celestials (InStars Intro remix)
Iberian – Angels Celestials (InStars remix)
Illitheas – Phoenix (Extended Mix)
Illitheas – Phoenix (Intro Mix)
Illitheas – Phoenix (Original Mix)
Jayface – Catapult (Original Mix)
Jayface – Catapult (Radio Edit)
Makibray – Everything (Original Mix)
Marat Malakhov – Shameless Mood (Radio Edit)
MaRLo & Sunset Bros. Feat Sydnee Carter – War Eyes (Radio Edit)
Misha Vorobjev – Spring Love
Misha Vorobjev – Your Touch Causes Love
Myon, Alissa Feudo – Moon (Myon Hard Club Extended Mix)
NyTiGen – Dream (Radio Edit)
Ray Van Miles – Fall For Me (Original Mix)
Robbie Seed – Holding On (Radio Edit)
Ron Ewens & Elle Mariachi – Rainbow Star (Original Mix)
Sara Fray – Retribution (Bloodfury Remix)
Sean Beresford – The Day The Earth Stood Still (Extended Mix)
SHOKK & Bodo Kaiser – Lava (Extended Mix)
SHOKK & Bodo Kaiser – Lava
Theo The DJ – Exorcisms (Original Mix)
Theo The DJ – Exorcisms (Radio Edit)
Theo The DJ – My Life (Original Mix)
Theo The DJ – My Life (Radio Edit)
ThoBa & Gid Sedgwick – Wolf Cry (Extended Mix)
Tim Damage – Escape Veritas
Tim Damage – Escape Veritas (Radio Edit)
Van Project Sound – Sky Syrfing (Original Mix)
Aria – Midnight Tango
Armin van BuurenVini Vici – Yama (Extended Mix)
Bass Modulator – Bass the Machina (Extended Mix)
BouncerDJ TH – We Love Trance Anthem 2021 (Extended Mix)
Cosmic Gate – Vertigo
CryptoZ – Change the World
David Forbes – Cerberus
David Forbes – Isolate (Extended Mix)
D-CeptorяX-Treme – Die For Something
DERB – Psycho (Dizmaster Remix)
Dirty DaveNuroGL – Pandemic (Extended Mix)
E-force – Join the Rebellion
Empyre OneEnerdizer – Bodyrock 2k21 (DJ TH Extended Mix)
Hard Driver – Chemical Reaction
Hayway – Persistance
Henry Caster – Snow Bunny
io – Autmn
James Dymond – Opus 1 (Extended Mix)
Legend B – Lost in Love (Extended Mix)
Maddix – Acid Soul (Extended Mix)
Maddix – Receive Life (Extended Mix)
Markus Schulz – Lost Multiverse (In Search of Sunrise Rework)
MBKILove MOM – Poseidon
Megara vs DJ LeeBeam – Full in Tension (Extended Mix)
Miss N-Traxx – The Last Resort (On Earth) (Wild Specs Remix)
MydeHanna Finsen – Over & Over Again (Dub Mix)
MYST – Fight the Hardest
Quitara – More Around
Sandro Mireno – Where Are You (Tycoos remix)
Scot Project – B3 (Believe in You)
SefaяDr. PeacockяChrono – Das Boot
Spitfire – The Power of Fire
SQNC9Sandro Mireno – Far Away (Extended Mix)
Steve Jetric – The Last Rebirth (Extended Mix)
Susana – A Promise I Can’t Keep
Tone-E – Flying Saucer
TWSTDяZay b – Inspiration
U-Mount – Starlight (Extended Mix)
VA – D.Trance 97 (Incl Techno 54) (Myde Megamix)
Vdk – The Beginning (Extended Mix)
XiJaro & Pitch – Party On (Extended Mix)
Zatoxяvillian – COVID-19 (I Hate You)
Arsen Gold – Oniria (Drival Extended Remix)
CMCV & Hidden Tigress – Soar (Derek Palmer Extended Dub)
Cyre – Mountaineer (Extended Mix)
David Surok – Positive Emotions (Extended Mix)
Manuel Rocca – Invierno (Extended Mix)
Paul Di White – Evolution (Extended Mix)
Rowan Van Beckhoven – Arctic (Air Project Extended Remix)
Soarsonic – Freedom (Extended Mix)
Sumi – Montagne (Extended Mix)
Victor Tayne & Tigra – Freedom (Extended Mix)
Arsen Gold – Oniria (Drival Remix)
CMCVHidden TigressDerek Palmer – Soar (Derek Palmer Dub)
Cyre – Mountaineer (Radio Edit)
David Surok – Positive Emotions
Manuel Rocca – Invierno (Radio Edit)
Paul Di White – Evolution
Rowan Van Beckhoven – Arctic (Air Project Remix)
Soarsonic – Freedom
Sumi – Montagne (Radio Edit)
Victor TayneTigra – Freedom
DreamlifeSounEmot – Our Tears (Extended Mix)
Elgfrothi – I Don’t Want To Go To Heaven (Extended Mix)
ElgfrothiSounEmot – Journey with No Destination (Extended Mix)
Gayax – Connected
Iberian – Preludio (George Crossfield Emotional Remix)
IberianRuslan Aschaulov – My Symphony
IberianRuslan Aschaulov – The End Of Time (Vocal Mix)
Iberian – You Are My Best Decision (Vocal Mix)
InStars Elisandro – Quedate
Liquid Dream – Reset world (SounEmot Remix)
LR UpliftSounEmot – I Miss The Moments With You (Emotional Mix)
Robert-trackss – The Sunset Star (Elgfrothi Remix)
SounEmotIberianLyd14 – Find Our Love Again (Intro Mix)
SounEmot – Recuerdos Que Me Llevan a ti (Emotional Mix)
SounEmot – The Best of You (Sam Fletcher Remix)
Wael MacTaviSh – Soul in Love
Airborn – Aerial Symphony (Extended Mix)
Alexander Komarov – Rainstorm (Extended Mix)
ALTN – Tautor (Extended Mix)
Andrew Mirt – Balerina (Extended Mix)
Andrew Mirt & Natune – My Fairytale (KWONE Extended Remix)
Andrew Starkoff – Where Do I Go (Feat Masha Belyaeva – Extended Mix)
AV – Underwater (Extended Mix)
Cubetonic – In Search Of Light (Feat Julia Violin – Extended Mix)
INVIRON – Aflatus (Extended Mix)
Jordy Eley – Summer Days (Extended Mix)
KBK – Together (Feat Nayenne – Extended Mix)
Milad E & David Deere – Endeavor (Extended Mix)
Omniks & Nytigen – By Your Side (Feat Natune – Extended Mix)
ROSES & Snowman – Marshmallow Fight (Extended Mix)
Twin View – Reflection (Extended Mix)
7ROSESSnowman – Marshmallow Fight
Airborn – Aerial Symphony
Alexander Komarov – Rainstorm
ALTN – Tautor
Andrew Mirt – Balerina
Andrew MirtNatune – My Fairytale (KWONE Remix)
Andrew StarkoffMasha Belyaeva – Where Do I Go
Av – Underwater
CubeTonicJulia Violin – In Search Of Light
INVIRON – Afflatus
Jordy Eley – Summer Days
KBKNayenne – Together
Milad E.David Deere – Endeavor
OmniksNyTiGenNatune – By Your Side
Twin View – Reflection

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