Techno (Peak Time, Driving) playlist mix – [15-Apr-2022]

Alan Cutt – Accord
Alan Cutt – Generation
Alavux – Terrain
Alavux – Terrain (RRKS Remix)
Alavux – Ufo Sight Seeing (Andrew Duke Remix)
Alavux – Ufo Sight Seeing
Aliens Bad Brothers, Big Martino, Stephan Barbieri – Gomeisa (Original Mix)
Aliens Bad Brothers, Big Martino & Stephan Barbieri – Ipponion [Glitch Records]
Aliens Bad Brothers, Big Martino, Stephan Barbieri – Rigel (Original Mix)
Andre(Arg) – 8.8.8 -6 (Original Mix) [Aesir Records]
Andre(Arg) – Esceptico (Original Mix) [Aesir Records]
Andre(Arg) – Ida Y Vuelta (Original Mix) [Aesir Records]
Andre(Arg) – Rides (Original Mix) [Aesir Records]
Andre(Arg) – Xtz (Original Mix) [Aesir Records]
Andres Campo Feat. Ada Byron – Demente
Andres Campo Feat. Ada Byron – Take Your Pills
Andres Campo Feat. Ada Byron – This Is The Way
Anita Moon – Animais
Anita Moon – Listen
Anita Moon – Locura En Las Vegas
An On Bast – Fluting in Space
An On Bast – Precognition
An On Bast – Spooky Actions
An On Bast – Water and Honey
APHE – Focus (Original Mix)
APHE – Magnetar (Original Mix)
APHE – Quasar (Original Mix)
Audio State (RO) – Sentient Beings (Hollen Remix)
Audio State (RO) – Sentient Beings
Audio State (RO) – Sentient Beings (Zafer Atabey Remix)
Avishag – Catch 75 (Original Mix)
Bilboni, Britinzz – Double Face [Orange Recordings]
Bilboni – Weak [Orange Recordings]
BODY.CVLTS – Luminary
BODY.CVLTS – Symphony Of Vengeance
BODY.CVLTS – The Rumblin Ocean
Carlbeats & Anthony Poteat – Get Back! [Glitch Records]
Carlsn – Harvest [Ak Tape 65]
Carlsn – Hunt Hunting [Ak Tape 65]
Carlsn – White Rabbit [Ak Tape 65]
Cogolo – El Bujia
Cogolo – Sunar
Crystal Geometry – Deathwish [Mindcut Music]
Da Fokin ft. R3NY – Church
Da Fokin ft. R3NY – Desire
Daniela Hensel – Lucky Charm (Original Mix)
Daniela Hensel – Staycation (Original Mix)
Daniela Hensel – Up On The Down (Original Mix)
Dawn Razor – Jam Space 2 [We Are The Brave]
Dawn Razor – Jam Space 3 [We Are The Brave]
Dawn Razor – One Seven [We Are The Brave]
Dawn Razor – One Six [We Are The Brave]
Dillmann&Schauer – Pedro
Disturbed Traxx – Melencolik (Le Son Du Placard Remix)
Disturbed Traxx – Melencolik (Le Son Du Placard Remix) [Pimp’s Tits Records]
Disturbed Traxx – Melencolik (Original Mix)
Disturbed Traxx – Melencolik [Pimp’s Tits Records]
DJ PIZZINI – Join Me [Full Moon Records]
DominicG & Raw Vandalz – Xtc [Marktek Records]
DS – Fallen Empires
DS – Galloping to Glory
Edwards Arabu – Part Of Judgment (Original Mix)
Electralex – Wind Forever (Original Mix)
ERIC SAN – Effectcina [Underdub Records]
ERIC SAN – Eternal Chaos [Underdub Records]
ERIC SAN – Irracional [Underdub Records]
ERIC SAN – Racional [Underdub Records]
Gary Beck – Pink Castles (Original Mix)
Gary Beck – Pink Castles [Second State]
Gary Beck – Psycho Babble (Original Mix)
Gary Beck – Psycho Babble [Second State]
Gary Beck – Sparks (Original Mix)
Gary Beck – Sparks [Second State]
Gary Beck – Supervan (Original Mix)
Gary Beck – Supervan [Second State]
George Adi – Hunt
George Adi – Vibrations
George Adi – Vibrations (Zafer Atabey Remix)
Jason Orfan Fonsecas – Erebus
Jason Orfan Fonsecas – God Of Darkness
Jason Xmoon – Red [Catamount Records]
Josh Wink – Balls Back (Dub)
Josh Wink – Balls Back (Marco Faraone Remix)
Justus Reim & Unlighted – Let It Go
Justus Reim & Unlighted – Voyager
Kamil Van Derson – Live
Kamil Van Derson – Self Control
Keah – Mas Alla Del Universo [Black Booking]
Keah – Mas Alla Del Universo (L.ap. Remix) [Black Booking]
Kill Script – The Truth (Extended Mix)
Kill Script – We All Fall (Extended Mix)
Koen Groeneveld – Synopsis [Abzolut]
Lampe – Body, Mind And Soul [Subios Records]
Luca Morris & Mozzy Rekorder – Invaders (Original Mix)
Luca Morris & Mozzy Rekorder – Powerslave (Original Mix)
Makornik – Neon Tactical Missile [Mindcut Music]
Mandy Van Dorten – Acid Drop (Chris Lehmann & Sylent Remix) [Frequenza]
Mandy Van Dorten – Acid Drop (Original Mix) [Frequenza]
M. Rodriguez – Cry of Freedom (Original Mix)
Nancy Live – 3 By 3 [Kneaded Pains]
Nancy Live – Holy Grail [Kneaded Pains]
Nico Banfi – Pendulum
Nico Banfi – Sure
Novem Vivit – It’s Been A Long Time
Novem Vivit – Viventem
Old Men’s Grooves – One Day On a Train [Spice Of Life Entertainment]
Ontal – Almagest (Part II)
Ontal – Almagest (Part I)
Peter Luke – Sunny Beat [Thunder Records]
Phase Fatale – Autoworship
Phase Fatale – Burning The Rural District
Phase Fatale – Face Lift
Phase Fatale – Forward Chrome
Phase Fatale – Hazer
Phase Fatale – Puritanism
Phase Fatale – The Drowned World
Phase Fatale – White Line Nightmare
Plucka – Bells Of Utopia
Plucka – Blue Moon
Radio Hell, Radio Slave, Dj Hell – Lost Souls (Extended)
Rave Energy – Babylon (Fast Mix) [Rave Energy Records]
Rave Energy – Babylon [Rave Energy Records]
Rave Energy – Babylon (Slow Mix) [Rave Energy Records]
Ricardo Villalobos & Samuel Rohrer – Cochlea
Ricardo Villalobos & Samuel Rohrer – Helix
Ricardo Villalobos & Samuel Rohrer – Incus
Ricardo Villalobos & Samuel Rohrer – Lobule
Roberto Corvino – Altered State (Rework Mix) [Blackpoint Records]
Roberto Corvino – Distorted (Rework Mix) [Blackpoint Records]
Roberto Corvino – Nonsensical (Rework Mix) [Blackpoint Records]
Roman Falke – Buster Moon [Stampfkombinat]
Roman Falke – Supersonic [Stampfkombinat]
Rommek – End of Salvation [Mindcut Music]
SAAM. – Artefact
SAAM. – Exosphere
SAAM. – Reflection
SAAM. – Ritual
Sebastian Cappato – Acidosis [Subsist Records]
Sebastian Cappato – Acid, Uncensored & Raw [Subsist Records]
Sebastian Cappato – Breaking the Beat [Subsist Records]
Sebastian Cappato – I Just Wanna Play [Subsist Records]
Sebastian Cappato – Kill Negative Patterns [Subsist Records]
Sebastian Cappato – Lost Memories [Subsist Records]
Sebastian Cappato – Messages from Them [Subsist Records]
Sebastian Cappato – Midnight Train [Subsist Records]
Sebastian Cappato – Of Blood and Techno [Subsist Records]
Sebastian Cappato – Stuck with Me [Subsist Records]
Somatronic – If You Can Dream
Somatronic – Yours Is The Earth
Surit – Vera Icon [Mindcut Music]
Sylvie Maziarz – Drama [BFT Records]
Sylvie Maziarz – Drama (Mørbeck Remix) [BFT Records]
Sylvie Maziarz – Durch die Nacht [BFT Records]
Sylvie Maziarz – Durch die Nacht (MSKD Remix) [BFT Records]
Theodore – Adventurer [See The Sea Records]
Theodore – Never Ending Horizon [See The Sea Records]
Third Replica – Corrupted Future
Third Replica – Deconstructed Acid
Third Replica – Gamma Rays
Third Replica – No Reality
Third Replica – Penumbra
Third Replica – Seventh Circle
Tiga – Easy (Original Mix)
Tiga – Easy [Turbo Recordings]
Tiga – There Is No Distance Between Us (Original Mix)
Tiga – There Is No Distance Between Us [Turbo Recordings]
Tilda – Nouvelle Lune
Tilda – Nuit Des Esprits Eclaires
Tita Lau – What Is Real (Extended Mix)
Toby Luke – Hypnotica [Raw Rave Records]
Tom Wax & Concious – Nothingness (Original Mix)
Tom Wax & Concious – Voices In My Head (Nico Cabeza Remix)
Tom Wax & Concious – Voices In My Head (Original Mix)
White Cat Project – Confidence [Deep Tech Lab]
Whond Poldyr – Paper Techy (Radio Edit) [Pyramid Stone Records]
Zebar – Revolution (Extended Mix) [Fsoe Clandestine]
Desputes – Zeugma [TECNO OSCURO]
Drakonian – Conductor [TECNO OSCURO]
Isca Nublar – Few Regrets [TECNO OSCURO]
Isca Nublar – Long Trip Home [TECNO OSCURO]
Isca Nublar – That Feeling [TECNO OSCURO]
ORI’S – Long Way Round [TECNO OSCURO]
Sarufaromeo – Three Dimensions [TECNO OSCURO]
Underground Tacticz – Decaying [TECNO OSCURO]
Betelgeuze – Swamp [Online Techno Music]
Black Rover – Pirate of the Night [Online Techno Music]
Constantine P – Drunken Monkey. Chapter 2. (Plate) [Online Techno Music]
Double Energy – Fort Boyard [Online Techno Music]
IAM – Bela [Online Techno Music]
Jey-Jay – Do Something [Online Techno Music]
Mazurenko – Seven [Online Techno Music]
Night Vision Project – SchizAgenda (ExpAnt Story Mode Remix) [Online Techno Music]
Pavel Prokudin – Monotonic [Online Techno Music]
Tunecraft Project – Drive Buzz [Online Techno Music]
Blaq Soda – Circle [Techno Killer Records]
Buben – Celebrations Around the World [Techno Killer Records]
Buben – World Reacts [Techno Killer Records]
Chris Piks – Ganja [Techno Killer Records]
Chris Piks – Rimac [Techno Killer Records]
DOCET – Megatron [Techno Killer Records]
ETK – Psychedelic [Techno Killer Records]
FEEZZ & JUJU (SPAIN) – Keep It Simple [Techno Killer Records]
GVRLLRVLLG – Clmblmbc [Techno Killer Records]
GVRLLRVLLG – Mdrrr [Techno Killer Records]
Hernan Alvarellos – Chased By Darkness [Techno Killer Records]
Hunab Ku – Bahab [Techno Killer Records]
LifeoftheParty – Home Obsession [Techno Killer Records]
LifeoftheParty – Stellar People [Techno Killer Records]
Marver – Call Me Back [Techno Killer Records]
Marver – Through Your Head [Techno Killer Records]
Tony Mafia – Kopfstimme [Techno Killer Records]
Tony Mafia – Matrix [Techno Killer Records]
Tony Mafia, Randon & Kompa – Unkar Chilli [Techno Killer Records]

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