Techno (Peak Time, Driving) music playlists – [22-Mar-2022]

AC2 – Who Dat [House of (S)PUNK]
AK SPORTS – Flex [Gallery Recordings]
Alleles – Lili [Orange Recordings]
ALLELES – Lili (Original Mix)
Alleles – Vardah [Orange Recordings]
ALLELES – Vardah (Original Mix)
Anders (Br) – Tempestade [Primitive State Records]
Asio (Aka R-Play) – Rougg [Voices Records]
Astatum – Like That [Renesanz]
Astatum – Time [Renesanz]
Bartho Anello & Jason Laake – Vivid [Dark Distorted Signals]
Bartho Anello & Jason Laake – Vivid (TRF Remix) [Dark Distorted Signals]
Bartho Anello & TRF – Desolate (feat. Snowflake) [Dark Distorted Signals]
Bartho Anello & TRF – Desolate (feat. Snowflake) [Jason Laake Remix] [Dark Distorted Signals]
Bassler Disconnect – Singularity [Synthetic Core]
Bervon – Heartlock [Kaligo Records]
Bervon – Videogame [Kaligo Records]
Bonnacon – Copy [Nogiveup Records]
Bonnacon – Copy (Radio Edit) [Nogiveup Records]
Chris van Neu – Heavens Gate [Clone 2.1 Records]
Chris van Neu – Heavens Gate (Zodiak Remix) [Clone 2.1 Records]
CONFUSION (RASEREI) – Behind the Scenes [SYXT]
CONFUSION (RASEREI) – Post Quantum (Mzr , Remix) [SYXT]
CONFUSION (RASEREI) – Short Days Long Nights [SYXT]
David Reina – Cortex [Legend 1997 Records]
David Reina – Efecto Tunel [Legend 1997 Records]
David Reina – Fluctuation [Legend 1997 Records]
David Reina – Quark [Legend 1997 Records]
David Reina – Transmutation [Legend 1997 Records]
District 313 – Collapse [Phobiq]
District 313 – Side B [Phobiq]
Diurnal – Under Skylights [Nogiveup Records]
Diurnal – Under Skylights (Radio Edit) [Nogiveup Records]
Dj Jock – Lonely Satellite [Unrilis]
Dj Jock – Mercury [Unrilis]
Dj Jock – Urania [Unrilis]
D-Nox, Victor Ruiz – Infinite (Original Mix)
Dok & Martin – Covenant [Codex Recordings]
Dok & Martin – Covenant (Original Mix)
Dok & Martin – Kavale [Codex Recordings]
Dok & Martin – Kavale (Original Mix)
drazzit – Robotika [House of (S)PUNK]
Duran & Aytek – My Vision (Original Mix)
Duran & Aytek – The Future (Original Mix)
Empire Pearls – Temporal [Nogiveup Records]
Empire Pearls – Temporal (Radio Edit) [Nogiveup Records]
Fac3less – Background Radiation
Fac3less – Floating Bells
Fac3less – New Moon
Fac3less – Orbital Inclination
Fac3less – Vernal Equinox
Filipe Barbosa – Clank
Filipe Barbosa – Magnetic Key
Filipe Barbosa – No Mary
Filipe Barbosa – Re-Charge
Gary Beck – Firetree [Bek Audio]
Gary Beck – Offcut Groover [BEK Audio]
Gary Beck – Renegade [BEK Audio]
Gary Beck – Submarine [BEK Audio]
Gatnau – Religio (Club Mix) [XTR Records]
Gatnau – Religio [XTR Records]
Hardware & Rocky G – Disintegrator [Smashbox Recordings]
Hi-Lo, Eli Brown – Industria [Filth On Acid]
HI-LO, Eli Brown – Industria (Original Mix)
Hurban – Tune of Detroit [Universal Flow Records]
Jason Johnson [DE] – Rose Quartz [ERROR Records]
Juheun – Instant Communication (Original Mix) [Kuukou Records]
Juheun – Instant Communictation (I Am Bam Remix) [Kuukou Records]
Juheun – Instant Communictation (Melody’s Enemy Remix) [Kuukou Records]
Karrot Pico – Dropblock (Original Mix)
Kaya DJ – Sirius (Original Mix)
KiNK – Five (Original Mix)
KiNK – Organ (Original Mix)
KiNK – Teo Techno (Original Mix)
KiNK – The Russian (Original Mix)
KiNK – Yom Thorke (Original Mix)
Koen Groeneveld – 19 Eighty 1 [Kgg]
Koen Groeneveld – Ballaststoffe [Kgg]
Koen Groeneveld – Riddum [Kgg]
Lampe – Body, Mind And Soul [Subios Records]
Lampe – Your Future [Subios Records]
LeDuq – Rebel lia [House of (S)PUNK]
Lola Kay – Not a Goodbye [House of (S)PUNK]
Lowerzone – Molecules [We Are The Brave]
Lowerzone – New Ravers [We Are The Brave]
Lowerzone – Tonight Is Acid [We Are The Brave]
Luisenhain – 2003 (Alabasta) (Original Mix)
Luisenhain – Acid What (Original Mix)
Luisenhain – Belfort Road (Original Mix)
Luisenhain – I Am Going (Original Mix)
Luisenhain – Interference (Original Mix)
Luisenhain – Shenzhou (Original Mix)
Luisenhain – Thunderstorm & Lightning (Original Mix)
Luis M – Otam [Alula Tunes]
Luis M – Otam (Monococ Remix) [Alula Tunes]
Luna Lucci – Ninety Nine [Musketeer]
Luna Lucci – You Pull I Push [Musketeer]
Manel De Aguas – Diving in the Club (feat. Dotes Vito) [House of (S)PUNK]
Marc August – Whipple [Catamount Records]
Mark Dekoda – Rave Harder Techno Bass [Scythe Recordings]
Martyn Playfrd – Burn Oxygen [Trapez]
Martyn Playfrd – Elon & Venus [Trapez]
Martyn Playfrd – Qrsix [Trapez]
Mateo! – Personality Disorder (Gaga Edit)
Mateo! Personality Disorder (Original Mix)
Meduzza – Thunderstorm [OPTN]
Melody’s Enemy, I Am Bam – Bipolar (Original Mix)
Melody’s Enemy, I Am Bam – Sound Control (Original Mix)
Miro Lopasso – Just Six Minutes to Leave [Creaked]
Miro Lopasso – Space Attack [Creaked]
Miro Lopasso – Space Attack (Rrose Remix) [Creaked]
Miro Lopasso – World One [Creaked]
Molten Creek – Ends [Nogiveup Records]
Molten Creek – Ends (Radio Edit) [Nogiveup Records]
Mr. Flick – Acid Bath [UKR Special Series]
Mr. Flick – Know the Edge [UKR Special Series]
Mr. Flick – Murder the Case [UKR Special Series]
Mr. Flick – Take Me Away [UKR Special Series]
Noaria & Asio (Aka R-Play) – Jrg [Voices Records]
Noaria – Klock [Voices Records]
Original Peter – Hyperion [Iamt]
Original Peter – Triton [Iamt]
Otah – Elysium [Wires Unlimited]
Pas Cam – Metaverso [Nogiveup Records]
Pas Cam – Metaverso (Radio Edit) [Nogiveup Records]
Pierpaolo Effe – Micromondo [kluBasic plus]
Pierpaolo Effe – Together [kluBasic plus]
Quelza – Amalgame [Palinoia]
Quelza – La Mina [Palinoia]
Quelza – Raf [Palinoia]
Quelza – Sar [Palinoia]
Quelza – Songe [Palinoia]
Reig – Bad Sentence
Reig – Chordance
Reig – Cityrattle
Reig – Endure Life
Reig – Friction Funk
Reig – Highervibe
Reig – Labyrinthitis
Reig – Moments Before Detonation
Riksцn – Framework (Dhyan Droik Remix)
Riksцn – Framework (Original Mix)
Riksцn – Snapshot (David Bau Remix)
Riksцn – Snapshot (Original Mix)
Roberto Pagliaccia and Dubskull – acid jungle (original mix)
Roberto Pagliaccia and Dubskull – loris (original mix)
Roberto Pagliaccia and Dubskull – skil (original mix)
Roberto Pagliaccia and Dubskull – skil (t78 remix)
Sandro Kent – ​​Mamut [Fryz Records]
Sandro Kent – ​​Mamut (Radio edit) [Fryz Records]
Sandro Muré – Abandoned [Joey’s Loops Records]
Sandro Muré – Distort Me [Joey’s Loops Records]
Scanner Darkly – Gravity [The Seed]
Scanner Darkly – Space Walk [The Seed]
Selene (Nl) – Helion (Original Mix) [Iconyc Red]
Skin On Skin – Slow It Down (Original Mix)
Skin On Skin, X CLUB. Don’t Fuck Around (Original Mix)
Skin On Skin, X CLUB. – Rise Up (Original Mix)
Smilla – Artwork (Michael Klein Remix) [Harthouse]
Smilla – Artwork (Michael Klein Remix)
Smilla – Blaue Welt (Dj Lion Remix) [Harthouse]
Smilla – Blaue Welt (Dj Lion Remix)
stanolo – When the Going Get [Behavior Recordings]
Stiv Hey – Celesta (Original Mix) [Octopus Recordings]
Stiv Hey – Dimming Of The Stars (Original Mix) [Octopus Recordings]
Stiv Hey – Starlight (Original Mix) [Octopus Recordings]
Stocked – Mi Amore [Set About]
Stocked – Your Mind [Set About]
Sugur Shane, Eddie Martinez – Serving It (Original Mix)
Taigherwuds – Water Tube [27H Records]
The Underproject – Power [DarkCrow Records]
Thomas Labermair – Daphnis [Iamt Red]
Tim Tama – ascension
Tim Tama – essence
Tim Tama – temperance
Tim Tama – yowoja
Tita Lau – What Is Real (Extended Mix)
Traumtherapie – Souleater (feat. Benetrant) [Illusions]
Umek – Dark Market (Original Mix) [1605]
Umek – Dream Logic (Original Mix) [1605]
Westbam, ML – Wasteland (feat. Inga Humpe) [Andhim Remix] [Embassy One]
X CLUB. – Everything Comes True (Original Mix)
Zzzzzra – Sens Et Puissance (Deni Diezer Remix) [language of chords]
CONFUSION (RASEREI) – Ska [Standing Wave Records]
Daniel Wich – Eleven [Standing Wave Records]
Divinorum (FR) – Komorebi [Standing Wave Records]
Houston Stiller – Gakure III [Standing Wave Records]
Ijon Muça – Orb [Standing Wave Records]
Leopold Bär – Black Air [Standing Wave Records]
Lucius – Siena [Standing Wave Records]
moden – Pasiphae [Standing Wave Records]
RAVST – Bargain [Standing Wave Records]
SP012 – Spray [Standing Wave Records]
Trismus – Mechanical Sweating [Standing Wave Records]

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