Tech House newest – [16-Mar-2022]

AG – I Wish I Had A 707 [City Noises]
Albert Rosen – Promised Land [Make It Yourself Records]
Albert Rosen – Promised Land (Radio Edit) [Make It Yourself Records]
Aldo Cadiz – Not Sound [City Noises]
Alessio Agazzi – Sure of Nothing (X-Black Remix) [House Place Records]
Alex Akanelly – Born to live [Soulfreak Records]
Alex Akanelly & Dcotbeat – Acid rain [Soulfreak Records]
Alex Akanelly – Take Control [Soulfreak Records]
Alex Wellmann – Mango (Original Mix)
Alex Wellmann – Sawci (Original Mix)
Andre Rizo – Down Down [MONOCROM]
Andres Suarez – Voices In My Head [Transmit Recordings]
Andrey Borisov – Two Two [Gysnoize Recordings]
Antonio Ruiz – Let’s Go! (Da Producer Remix) [House Place Records]
Aron Prince – Dirty Laundry (Arnaud D Remix) [City Noises]
Audio Bug – DANCE with ME [Electronic District]
Audio Bug – Dont Forget to Dance [Electronic District]
Ayuxx – El Acento [The Society]
Bavinni – Move Your Body [Deep Tech Lab]
Beatoz – Minimalism [Gysnoize Recordings]
Beatoz – Minimum Bang Theory [Gysnoize Recordings]
BEEZ BZ – Drilling [Knuck!]
BEEZ BZ – Driling (Radio Edit) [Knuck!]
BEEZ BZ – I’m a Breaker [Knuck!]
BEEZ BZ – I’m a Breaker (Radio Edit) [Knuck!]
Blark – Feel Your Body [Mendossa Records]
Caal, De La Swing – Dig It (Original Mix)
Caal, De La Swing – Pleasures (Javier Labarca Remix)
Caal, De La Swing – Pleasures (Original Mix)
Carlo Riviera – The Hood (Tribal Mix) [Distrito Music Label]
Carsten Laskowski – Covid (Virus Mix) [House Place Records]
Casseopaya – Overdose (Casseopaya’s Ronda Remix) [City Noises]
Cenci – Be Upgraded [About Bass Records]
Chalex – Hey Dance [Funny Music]
Chube.Ka – Drowned with Lies [City Noises]
Claudio Ferrone – Down [Beachside Records]
Claudio Ferrone – Down (RIZZER Remix) [Beachside Records]
Claudio Ferrone – Fool [Beachside Records]
Conrado – By 56 (Original Mix)
Conrado – Showed Her (Original Mix)
Crazy Bisquits – Attention (Extended Mix) [VAST]
Crazy Bisquits – Attention (Radio Edit) [VAST]
Danis Rise – Format Imba [Gysnoize Recordings]
Danis Rise – Iron World [Gysnoize Recordings]
Dapple Apple – Message to You (Sasse Remix) [City Noises]
Dario Nunez, JR MYKEL, MARVIIC – Sigue Sigue (Original Mix)
Dario Nuñez, Jr Mykel & marviic – Sigue Sigue [Soleado Recordings]
David Vowles – In Your Eyes [Motivation music]
Davis David – Creating My Reality (Original Mix)
Deeper Purpose – Stop Trippin’ (Original Mix)
Deltech – Blue Caps (Original Mix)
Devilboy – Dontknowy [GANGSTA HOUSE RECORDS]
Devilboy – Girls in the Back [GANGSTA HOUSE RECORDS]
Devilboy – Krank It Up [GANGSTA HOUSE RECORDS]
Diego Aguirre – Courage [0212 Records]
Diego Aguirre – The Effect [0212 Records]
DionX – Marea [Kessey Records]
Disaia – Diamonds [Sola]
Disaia – Swing [Sola]
Disaia – You Never Why [Sola]
DJ Alexis Freites – Music Take You High [Big Latin]
Djane My Canaria – Always on My Mind (Remastered) [House Place Records]
Dj Chart – What Is Still to Come [House Place Records]
DJ John Garcia – Free Rhythm [We Love Underground Music]
DJ Shan S – My Star (feat. Shane The Golden Voice) [Club Mix] [House Place Records]
Dj Space – Mist [Gysnoize Recordings]
DJ Tarkan – Hi [No Smoking Recordings]
DJ TITAS – Phoebe [Vibetek Records]
Dream Sound Masters & Ezequiel Asencio – Dont Wanna [Siestamusic Digital]
Edwuar Colmenares – La Festa (Extended mix) [Gozzu Music]
Edwuar Colmenares – La Festa (Radio mix) [Gozzu Music]
Emanuel Natucci – Dropping On (Original Mix) [Bella Vie Music]
Emanuel Natucci – Drop That Beat (Original Mix) [Bella Vie Music]
Eridu – The Sound (Original Mix) [Whoyostro Ltd]
Estar – Sugar Drops (Vocal Radio Mix) [House Place Records]
Feel the flow! – GET DOWN (Original Mix)
Fisher (Oz), Shermanology – It’s A Killa (Extended Mix) [Catch & Release]
Fluxspace – Let Go [Benichyo Label]
Foog – Scirocco [City Noises]
GABY (FR) & Gousso – Kick 2 Fonk [Koloka Records]
GABY (FR), Gousso – Kick 2 Fonk (Original Mix)
Gino Love – Bouncer Track [Veksler Records]
Gino Love – Brass Door (2022 Tech House Mix) [Veksler Records]
Gino Love – Energy Underground (2022 Remaster Mix) [Veksler Records]
Gino Love – Funk Pie (2022 Extended Remaster Mix) [Veksler Records]
Gino Love – Jack the Tribe (2022 Vocal Remaster.Mix) [Veksler Records]
Grees – Khia’s Bedroom [Nozzo Music]
Grees – My Tennis Shoes (Martin Occo Remix) [Nozzo Music]
Grees – My Tennis Shoes [Nozzo Music]
Groovebox – Ritual (Alann M Remix)
Groovebox – Ritual (Original Mix)
Groovefella – Erratic Behavior [Moobla Music]
Groovefella – Erratic Behavior (No Vox Mix) [Moobla Music]
Guillaume Karma – Panora [Selection Recordings]
Guill – Like Rambo (Extended Mix) [Seal Network]
Hans Thalau – Shine for Me [City Noises]
Hedwig – Late Night Conversations [Hedwig]
HP Vince – Hot Nights [City Noises]
Ian Allen – Hey Mr. [RVDIOVCTIVE]
Jadoo – Body & Soul [Bomb Ass House]
James Bluck – Move Your Body [Deep Tech Lab]
Jayreeh – Bring It [Mambo Lab]
Jayreeh – Buggin [Mambo Lab]
Jeff Bennett – In Spite (Valentino Kanziany Remix) [City Noises]
Jheans Figueroa – Sin Retorno [We Love Underground Music]
Jheans Figueroa – Todo Poderoso [We Love Underground Music]
JHerrera – Fucking Busy (Extended Mix)
JHerrera – Keep Trying (Extended Mix)
J. Nandez – Bogeyman [City Noises]
Joaco Tdeb & Nacho Piccolini – Predictor [2raw]
Joaco Tdeb & Nacho Piccolini – Predictor (Caitto Remix) [2raw]
Joaco Tdeb & Nacho Piccolini – Predictor (Nic Chiarelli Remix) [2raw]
John Alfa – Ride On [Libertas Raw]
John Barber – Roam [City Noises]
John Rush – New Life (Original Extended) [House Place Records]
Jorge Hurtado – This Party [Bailongo Music]
Jorge Hurtado – This Party (Original Mix)
Joseph K – Decaf (Sarayu Remix) [Pissawong Records]
Joshua Puerta – Give It 2 ​​Me [Ride Music]
Joy Marquez, Abdel Karim – Verdades (Tech Mix)
Joyzito – Shadow Boxer [Haunebu III Recordings]
KaitO – Air Rider (Beatless Remix) [City Noises]
Kery Fay, Sir Gladis & Audiophant – Fading Memories (Ross Bohlen Deep House Remix) [House Place Records]
Key Roi – Dance With Me [Little Insects]
Knario – Los Niños De Fuera [Ode To Bass Records]
Knario – Party People [Ode To Bass Records]
Knario – They Want EFX [Ode To Bass Records]
Knario – Working Out For Yourself [Ode To Bass Records]
Kofla – Eres [Sr. Events Music]
Kris Von – Night in China (Johnes & Thinc Remix) [House Place Records]
Kryptonicadjs – Amore (Extended Mix) [Kryptofabbrikk]
Lalo Leyy – Feeling Right (Extended Mix) [House Place Records]
Lars Horton – Byte [Haunebu III Recordings]
Le Kawumm – Budget Cuts [Haunebu III Recordings]
LeoK & Matty Badini – Guarañery [Radioactive]
LeoK & Matty Badini – Maputech [Radioactive]
Liquid Trax – Let Me Dance [House Music Records UK]
Love & Logic – Herb [RVDIOVCTIVE]
Luca Bisori – Long Train [Refined]
Luc Canetti – Dynasphere [Haunebu III Recordings]
Mack&Zed – Soul [Gysnoize Recordings]
Marco Angeli & Valmar – Start It Up [Check In Recordings]
Marco Angeli & Valmar – Start It Up (Extended Mix) [Check In Recordings]
Marek Hemmann & Fabian Reichelt – Pictures [City Noises]
Mark Ferrer – Cold [City Noises]
Mat.Joe, C’mon, Otistic – Sunflower (Extended Mix) [Club Sweat]
Mattia Matto – Calm Before the Storm [House Place Records]
Mauricio Ponce – Bang Bang [76 Recordings]
Midnight Misfit – Be Alone [House Place Records]
Mike Jaguar – Chaman [House Place Records]
Minicoolboyz – The Darkness Is Calling Me (Luca Morris Remix) [City Noises]
M LUCA – Lunar [Record Union]
Modul – Keegan (Siopis Remix) [City Noises]
Moonbootica – June (Definition Remix) [Moonbootique]
Moonbootica – June (Ninetoes Remix) [Moonbootique]
Moonbootica – To the Club (Beatamines Remix) [Moonbootique]
Moonbootica – We 1,2 Rock (David Jach Remix) [Moonbootique]
Mrzenes & Vezz D – Secret Fridays (Extended Radio) [House Place Records]
NO1NO’s – Let’s Bounce [Vulkano Records]
Oagora – Laser [Subliminal Senses]
Oagora – Miss Joker [Subliminal Senses]
Oagora – Miss Robin [Subliminal Senses]
Off Remixer – 20 For 7 [House Place Records]
– Pairetti – Consistency [Homewerx Music]
– Pairetti – Consistency (Radio Edit) [Homewerx Music]
– Pairetti – Knock [Homewerx Music]
– Pairetti – Knock (Radio Edit) [Homewerx Music]
Paniz69 – Bustop [Boh]
Patrick Cross & Andy Gis – Madness People [Gysnoize Recordings]
Paul Nazca – Ecume [City Noises]
PAX – Is It You (Extended MIx)
Pax – Is It You (Extended Mix) [Realm Records]
Plus Five Bass – Nine Wah Wah [+5B]
Quadrumana – Free Circulation [Haunebu III Recordings]
Q-Walker – Siren [House Place Records]
Ramon Bedoya – Você Para Mim (Harvy Valencia Remix)
Ramon Tapia – Bilbao [City Noises]
Raumlehre – Exoplanet [Haunebu III Recordings]
Renaud Genton – Diggin’ Deeper [Marktek Records]
Robert James Perkins – Distance (Extended Version) [House Place Records]
Roland De Saint – Get to the Point [Haunebu III Recordings]
Ron Ractive – Morning Berlin (Haus Klaus Mix) [House Place Records]
Rowetta, The Deepshakerz – Price To Pay (James Meid Remix)
Rowetta, The Deepshakerz – Price To Pay (Robbie Rivera Instrumental Mix)
Rowetta, The Deepshakerz – Price To Pay (Robbie Rivera Vocal Mix)
Rowlanz – Childhood Memory [WhatYouWant]
Rowlanz – Cinema Scope [WhatYouWant]
Rowlanz – Glider [WhatYouWant]
Sa.Du – La Musique M’appelle [City Noises]
Sahar Z & Guy Mantzur – Estimated Time [City Noises]
Schwarz & Funk – Wanting You (feat. Storm Marrero) [Classic House Mix Radio Edit] [House Place Records]
Showa – Refresh [House Place Records]
Sllash & Doppe – Johnny Deeper (Original Mix)
Sphinkter – Artifacts [Haunebu III Recordings]
Stereoliner – X12 (Club Edit) [House Place Records]
StevenHess – Feeling It [House Place Records]
Subrence – Destination [RVDIOVCTIVE]
TAFKAT, Mr. Maro – Hoy Le Canto [Shibiza Recordings]
TAFKAT, Mr. Maro – Vibrate [Shibiza Recordings]
Tec 77 – Straight Up [Haunebu III Recordings]
Tennan – Carry Out (Original Mix)
Tennan – How Many Licks (Original Mix)
TeoTon – Lithium [iM Electronica]
The Sushi Club – Flunauticus (Johnny D Remix) [City Noises]
The XDC Brothers – The Witch (Club Version) [House Place Records]
Thomas Dür – It’s Late [House Place Records]
Tiger Stripes – Me & I (Dub) [City Noises]
Tim Baresko, Trallez – Listen (Original Mix)
Tim Baresko, Trallez – Listen (Shiba San & Millad Remix)
Tomash Kofa – City [Gysnoize Recordings]
Tomash Kofa – One Night In Miami [Gysnoize Recordings]
Viddsan – Necessary (Extended Mix)
Viddsan – You’re Driving Me Crazy (Extended Mix)
VITUCI – All You Got to Do is Move (Original Mix)
VITUCI – Now You (Original Mix)
Vykvet – Soul Jacker [House Place Records]
Walter Kurtz – Teraflops [Haunebu III Recordings]
Westend – Lollipop (Extended Mix)
Yugo Sanchez – Call Me [Conscious]
Yugo Sanchez – Love [Conscious]
Zato – Give It Up (feat. Josoy) [House Place Records]
Zolee – Noise [House Place Records]
ZOOM LENS 12 – Hypno (Hypno B Mix) [House Place Records]
Alexey Union – Helios (feat. Ira Ange) [Club Session]
Anis Hachemi – Warm Up [Club Session]
Christopher Ivor – 7Am Tribute [Club Session]
Ciro De Gais – Hope [Club Session]
Cristian Merino – Stop over in Constanza Lads [Club Session]
Diaz RU & Taspin – Wtf [Club Session]
Fabs – Further [Club Session]
Franky Label – Calm Down [Club Session]
Gianni Ruocco & Le Roi Carmona – Machiavellian Piano [Club Session]
Giuseppe Pinelli – Crazy Beat [Club Session]
Hads – What the Funk [Club Session]
Mac-Kee – Estilo de Vida [Club Session]
Nick Pappa – Release [Club Session]
Nukem – Inked Vagabond Girl (Uplifting House Mix) [Club Session]
Paul Sirrell – Into the Music [Club Session]
Phill Prince – J Want [Club Session]
Reedjekt, JJ Mullor & Gili Jack – Bailap [Club Session]
Roger Vich, Joe Diem & Guezmark – Wanna Dance [Club Session]
Tommaso Pizzelli – Unknown Duties [Club Session]
Westray – Rock the Disco [Club Session]
Cristian Lopez – Vilma [Club Session]
Denace 2 Society – Wait a Minute [Club Session]
Dompe – Active [Club Session]
Ezequiel Asencio – Full Moon in Jerusalem (feat. Alexey Jer & Fernando Jer) [Luis Pitti Remix] [Club Session]
Gianni Galati – Superbad [Club Session]
Gianni Ruocco & Le Roi Carmona – Here & Now [Club Session]
Joe De Renzo – Can You Feel It [Club Session]
Korioto – El Bien y el Mal (feat. Facundo) [Club Session]
Lenna (FR) – Get on Up [Club Session]
Lewis Funktion – Body [Club Session]
Luis Pitti – Other Times [Club Session]
Mario Del Regno – First Time (Eddy Malano Remix) [Club Session]
Patrick Meeks – Metaphor (Extended Mix) [Club Session]
Phill Prince – J Want (Michele Battaglia Remix) [Club Session]
Sebastian Darez – Oumuamua [Club Session]
Simon Pagliari – Do It Dance [Club Session]
Simon Pagliari – Drums [Club Session]
Tobi Kramer – Aquarius [Club Session]
We are The Lords – Dimensional (Sandy Dae Remix) [Club Session]
Yusuf Yumana – Fashion [Club Session]
Abide – Eternal (Original Mix)
Bigeo – The High Ground (Original Mix)
BoL – Acqua Alta (Original Mix)
DJ T2 (EG) – Telepathy (Original Mix)
Jesus Nievas – Metal Groove (Original Mix)
Main Identity – Vicious Fantasy (Original Mix)
Pedro Sartori – Gone (Original Mix)
Volkan Erman – Unrequited (Original Mix)
Alltalk – Back To The Funk
Austin Hennessey – Ven Pa Ca
Bush League – Mind Reader
Dem2 – How U Doing Tonight
In.Deck – Arriba
Rise Of The Jellyfish – Holding On
Tombo – Drama

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