Hardcore compilation – [15-Apr-2022]

Akihito Kimura – Aria [RouteR]Akihito Kimura – Black Flare [RouteR]Akihito Kimura – Dimension Unlocked [RouteR]Akihito Kimura – Divided Individuality [RouteR]Akihito Kimura – Don’t Be Biased [RouteR]Akihito Kimura – Exit Of Paradox [RouteR]Akihito Kimura – Intuition [RouteR]Akihito Kimura – On My Own [RouteR]Akihito Kimura – Realm Of Being [RouteR]Akihito Kimura – Sacred Floor [RouteR]Alphatech_5 – Not … Read more

Hardcore mp3 song – [30-Mar-2022]

Alaguan – Cowbell (Extended Mix)Alaguan – Cowbell (Radio Mix)Alaguan – Good For You (Extended Mix)Alaguan – Good For You (Radio Mix)Alaguan – It’s Kickin’ In (Extended Mix)Alaguan – It’s Kickin’ In (Radio Mix)Alaguan – Where Do I Go (Extended Mix)Alaguan – Where Do I Go (Radio Mix)Astedroid – My Electroman [Velocity Music]BeatzHard – Mental Meditation … Read more

Hardcore popular mp3 – [28-Mar-2022]

Baseglitz – Deals With the Devil (Radio Edit) [Vicious Circle Recordings]Baseglitz – Deals With the Devil [Vicious Circle Recordings]Blutonium Boy – Acid Over Melbourne 2022 (Blutonium Boy Hardstyle Edit)Blutonium Boy – Acid Over Sydney 2020 (Blutonium Boy Edit)Blutonium Boy – After All (Hardstyle Mix)Blutonium Boy – Bass Heads (Blutonium Boy Hardstyle Edit)Blutonium Boy – Blutonium … Read more

Hardcore top new – [16-Mar-2022]

ARES KRIEGER – Coliseum [Ectomorph Record]ARES KRIEGER – Shadowslord [Ectomorph Record]Bass Prototype & Anklebreaker – The Battle (Extended Version)Bass Prototype & Anklebreaker – The Battle (Radio Edit)DEEZL & Overdrive – COME TO LIFE (Extended Mix)Dj Salvo – No Give a Damn [Brutal Force Records]Dj Salvo – Punk Crew [Brutal Force Records]Dj Salvo – The Earth … Read more