What’s Wrong… By Ken Day

FLASHBACK ARTICLE FROM NOVEMBER 2009 Jon Taffer from Bar Rescue with Ken Day …with My Wedding Show Booth? I’m certain if you do or have done wedding shows you’ve asked yourself this question to one degree or another. Most of the time what you are really asking is “Why doesn’t my booth get me more … Read more

Why Some High Achievers Wear the Same Outfit Every Day by Matt Anderson

Subscribe To Our Youtube Channel CLICK HERE What’s one thing that Steve Jobs, Albert Einstein, and Barack Obama have in common? They always wore the same outfits. Jobs always wore a black turtleneck, blue jeans, and New Balance sneakers. Einstein wore several variations of the same gray suit.The former president wore only gray or blue … Read more

Excelling In Tough Times By Ken Day

Subscribe To Our Youtube Channel CLICK HERE FLASHBACK ARTICLE FROM OCTOBER 2009Many of my business coaching sessions of late have centered on a highly important topic: ‘Excelling In Tough Times.’ Whether you’re a small single op or the multi-op of three to 30, the times are rapidly changing in our personal and professional lives.For the … Read more

10 Tips for a “Love Potion” Valentine’s Day Party! // Hostess with the Mostess®

I can’t say it was intentional, but after designing this party, I realized that I’d managed to work my very favorite holiday into another one! Welcome to Halloween + Valentine’s Day. 😂 There’s still tons of traditional Valentine fun here, but I always love a good creative twist – AND treating guests to something unexpected … Read more