Melodic House, Techno popular mp3 – [07-Apr-2022]

Anatolian Sessions – Mistral [Repost Network]AnyIce – Looking at You [Awen Records]Anyice – Tamarrod [Awen Records]AnyIce – Yellow Buckets [Awen Records]Aradia – Dazzler [Threerecords]Ayala (It) – Mbira Trip (Lerm & Bouzidi Remix) [My Choice Recordings]Ayala (It) – Mbira Trip (Original Mix) [My Choice Recordings]Baphömental – Knowing How to Connect [Polyptych Limited]Baphömental – Your Mentality [Polyptych … Read more

Minimal, Deep Tech compilation – [07-Apr-2022]

Acid Kids – Hearfelt (Original Mix)Acid Kids – Make Our Love Go (Original Mix)Acid Kids – Make Our Love Go (Perky Wires Remix)Acid Kids – Sunset Boogalu (Original Mix)After The Tide – Cloud 7 [Channel Six Music Company]After The Tide – Plastic Fantastic [Channel Six Music Company]AKELA – Aura Azul (Original Mix)Akela – Aura Azul … Read more

Organic House, Downtempo dj songs – [07-Apr-2022]

Aradia – Dazzler [ThreeRecords]Aradia – Time Travel [Threerecords]Blockhead & Poldoore – The End Is Nigh [Future Archive Recordings]Blockhead & Poldoore – Welcome Mat [Future Archive Recordings]Cafe De Anatolia, Iskon – Anastasia (Original Mix)Cafe De Anatolia, Iskon – Karavan (Original Mix)Cafe De Anatolia, Iskon – Mountain Rice (Original Mix)Cafe De Anatolia, Iskon – Ride (Original Mix)Cristian … Read more

Progressive House new hits – [07-Apr-2022]

Aiken – Don’t Give Up (Original Mix)Amon – Hypernova [Progline Records]Anyice – Looking At You [Awen Records]Approximate – Park In The Rain Blood Groove & Kikis X Brandon Mignacca – Let Me Hold You (Extended Mix)BOL, Jaycg – City Of Life (Experimental Feelings Remix) [Estribo Records]BOL, Jaycg – City Of Life (Franzis-D Remix) [Estribo Records]Chrisstrat … Read more

Tech House popular Songs – [07-Apr-2022]

Abdel Karim – Blue Light [Distrito Music Label]ahivar – Attimelikedis (DOTT Gossip In The Studio Mix) [Pissawong Records]Alecs (Us) – Go! (Extended Mix) [Eisenwaren]ALECS (US) – Go! (Radio Mix) [Eisenwaren]ALECS (US) – Noche (Extended Mix) [Eisenwaren]ALECS (US) – Noche (Radio Mix) [Eisenwaren]ALECS (US) – Noche (Vin Vega Extended Remix) [Eisenwaren]ALECS (US) – Noche (Vin Vega … Read more

Trance music Mp3 – [07-Apr-2022]

Andy Jornee – Fire in the Sky (U7Apocalypse) [Universe7]Andy Jornee – Fire in the Sky (U7Radio) [Universe7]Atti Master & PUNK JUNGLE – New Life (Gayax Remix) [Nahawand Recordings]Atti Master & PUNK JUNGLE – New Life [Nahawand Recordings]Birat Bitz – One Break (Original Mix)Bodo Kaiser & CJ Stone – Sunray (Original Mix)Bodo Kaiser & CJ Stone … Read more

Techno (Raw, Deep, Hypnotic) new music – [07-Apr-2022]

Alejandro Atenas – Space Station (Extended) [Edit Recordings]Alejandro Atenas – Space Station (Radio) [Edit Recordings]Alfio – Interferenze (Marino Rispo Remix) [Misolarec Record]Alfio – Interferenze [Misolarec Record]Alfio – Mondi Paralleli [Misolarec Record]A.Paul, DJ Dextro – Manipulation (Original)A.Paul, DJ Dextro – Non Binary (Cesar Almena Rmx)A.Paul, DJ Dextro – Non Binary (Original)A.Paul, DJ Dextro – Non Binary … Read more

Traxsource Top 100 Tech House March 2022 hottest – [07-Apr-2022]

Abel Ramos – Working For Love (Radio Edit)Alejandro Peñaloza – No Quiere Novio (Extended Mix)Alex Kenji – Can U Feel It (Extended Mix)Amal Nemer, Hector Rios Vnzl – Sounds Of Kenya (Original Mix)Andrea Gulisano, Discoplex – Dominate (Discoplex Edit)Andruss, Juarez – Pump Up The Volume (Extended Mix)Angelo Scalici – Red LightAntonio Rossini – RelaxAsta, Mark … Read more

DJs Choice Exclusive Pack 210 Tracks (07 April 2022) hottest music – [07-Apr-2022]

Acrobat – Sacred Groove [Highway Records]Adonis Fr & Louis Leibniz – Voyager (Prevision Remix)Airsand – Miracle (Savin Remix)Amadori – Harmony Sauce [Plano B Records]Amadori – Only Reflections [Plano B Records]Anyice – Looking At You (Original Mix)Anyice – TamarrodAnyice – Yellow Buckets (Original Mix)Aradia – Dazzler (Original Mix)Aradia – Time Travel (Original Mix)Arc Of Yesod – … Read more