Rock Pack – 12 Tracks newest song – [06-Apr-2022]

– 1 75 (Moment)
– (Bear Hug)
BRKN LOVE – Like A Drug (Clean)
BRKN LOVE – Like A Drug (Intro Clean)
BRKN LOVE – Like A Drug (Quick Hit Clean)
Bryan Adams – Everything I Do (I Do It For You) (Classic Version)
Bryan Adams – Heaven (Classic Version)
Bryan Adams – Hidin’ From Love (Classic Version)
Bryan Adams – Please Forgive Me (Classic Version)
Bryan Adams – Run To You (Classic Version)
Bryan Adams – Straight From The Heart (Classic Version)
Bryan Adams – Summer of 69 (Classic Version)
Bryan Adams – Teacher Teacher (Classic Version)
– Decanting
– Gray Suit
– Morning Star
Porcupine Tree – Harridan
Porcupine Tree – Of The New Day
Slink Moss Explosion – Bad Bad Blues
Slink Moss Explosion – Ballad X
Slink Moss Explosion – Beware Beware
Slink Moss Explosion – Flower Shop Blues Boogie
Slink Moss Explosion – Honey Bee Bop
Slink Moss Explosion – Kool Kat
Slink Moss Explosion – Let’s Explode
Slink Moss Explosion – Loneliness Is Searchin’
Slink Moss Explosion – Magic of the Stone
Slink Moss Explosion – Pass It Around
Slink Moss Explosion – Space Cowboy Number One
Slink Moss Explosion – The Doors of Mr. Bones
Taylor Bennett – Fall Short (Clean)
Taylor Bennett – Fall Short (Instrumental)
The Warning – Money (Clean)
Anachoret – Chasing the Night Sky
Anachoret – Das Meer in Deinen Augen
Anachoret – Freiheit
Anachoret – Grace of Decay
Anachoret – Home
Anachoret – Winter
Marrasmieli – The Oaks of England
Ultha – Bathed in Lightning, Bathed in Heat
Ultha – Carrion (To walk among the Spiders)
Ultha – Der Alte Feind (Jeder Tag rei t Wunden)
Ultha – Dispel
Ultha – Haloes in Reverse
Ultha – He knew and did not know
Ultha – Rats gorged the Moon…and all fell silent.
Anal Stabwound – II. An Uncovering of Ancient Evil
Anal Stabwound – III. Entrancing Visions
Anal Stabwound – I. The Dormant (Intro)
Anal Stabwound – IV. Barzakh
Carnifloor – Body Slammed Self-Lobotomy
Carnifloor – Razorized Probing Exhilaration (ft. Nikhil Talwalkar)
Carnifloor – Ultravaporized Vulva Remnants (ft. Mikkel Sorensen)
Gorecunt – Androgenic Mortification
Gorecunt – Excrutiating Abstinence (ft. Ethan Williams)
Gorecunt – Gestative Termination
Crystal Viper – Asenath Waite (Live in the Studio)
Crystal Viper – Flaring Madness (Live in the Studio)
Crystal Viper – In The Haunted Chapel
Crystal Viper – It’s Electric
Crystal Viper – The Cult (Live in the Studio)
Crystal Viper – The Last Axeman
Crystal Viper – Ulitsa Roz
Crystal Viper – Whispers From Beyond (Live in the Studio)
Enslave the Chain – Enslave the Chain
Enslave the Chain – Inner Child
Enslave the Chain – Paranoia
Enslave the Chain – Salvation
Enslave the Chain – Under the Willow
Nebelhaus – Auf einem Jagergrab
Nebelhaus – Dornen und Disteln
Nebelhaus – Lieb sind sie doch
Nebelhaus – Wir lieben die Sturme
Nebelhaus – Wo alle Stra en enden
Thanateros – Black Forest Calling
Thanateros – Burn
Thanateros – Coven Of The Drowned
Thanateros – Fading
Thanateros – Kybalion (Time To Fly)
Thanateros – Nothing Lasts Forever
Thanateros – On The Barricades
Thanateros – Passengers
Thanateros – Running Up That Hill
Thanateros – Solitude
Thanateros – Source Of It All
Thanateros – We Are The Ravens
KEOPS – Cause of You
KEOPS – Inside My Head
KEOPS – Intro
KEOPS – Keops
KEOPS – My Soul Released
KEOPS – Restless Waves
KEOPS – Rise Again
KEOPS – Road to Perdition
KEOPS – Trauma
KEOPS – Unconscious Mind
KEOPS – When I Remember
Tag My Heart – A World Without You
Tag My Heart – Distance
Tag My Heart – Generation Fake
Tag My Heart – Kalopsia
Tag My Heart – Opium
Fleesh – Ariel (Anathema Version)
Fleesh – Castaway Angels (Leprous Version)
Fleesh – Catch The Rainbow (Rainbow Version)
Fleesh – Diamonds & Rust (Joan Baez Version)
Fleesh – Manha dos 33 (Sagrado Corac ao da Terra Version)
Fleesh – Miracle Of Love (Eurythmics Version)
Fleesh – Nights in White Satin (Moody Blues Version)
Fleesh – Nuclear (Mike Oldfield Version)
Fleesh – Ode To My Family (The Cranberries Version)
Fleesh – Rosa De Hiroshima (Secos e Molhados Version)
Fleesh – Sometimes You Can’t Make It On Your Own (U2 Version)
Fleesh – Stairway to Heaven (Led Zeppelin Version)
Fleesh – Utopia
Karcius – A Needle Tree
Karcius – Cosmic Rage
Karcius – Distance Kills
Karcius – Parasite
Karcius – Supernova
Karcius – The Ladder

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