Redrums – 62 Tracks exclusive song – [05-Mar-2022]

ABC – Be Near Me (Dj Allan 80s Redrum v2)[Clean]
Amy Holland – How Do I Survive (80s Redrum)[Clean]
Animotion – I Engineer (Dj Allan 80s Redrum)[Clean]
Bhad Bhabie – These Heaux (Scooter Redrum)
Bombers – Pistolero (DJ Mhark Redrum)[Clean]
DC LaRue – Hot Jungle Drums & Voo Doo Rhythm (DJ Mhark Redrum)[Clean]
Debbie Jacobs – Debbie Jacobs – Hot Hot (Give It All You Got) (DJ Mhark Redrum)[Clean]
Destination – Castle’s In The Sky (DJ Mhark Redrum)[Clean]
Dire Straits – Lady Writer (DJ Mhark Redrum)[Clean]
DJ Jazzy Jeff & The Fresh Prince – Parents Just Don’t Understand (DJ Jeff 80’s Old School Hype Re-Drum)[Clean]
Donna Summer – Bad Girls (DJ Mhark Redrum V3)[Clean]
Ferrara – Love Attack (DJ Mahrk Redrum)[Clean]
Ferrara – Wuthering Heights (DJ Mhark Redrum)[Clean]
Freddie James – Hollywood (DJ Mhark Redrum)[Clean]
Front Page – Love Insurance (DJ Mahrk Redrum)[Clean]
Gary’s Gang – Do It At The Disco (DJ Mhark Redrum)[Clean]
Gavin Christopher – One Step Closer To You (80s Redrum)[Clean]
Gibson Brothers – Que Sera Mi Vida (If You Should Go) (DJ Mhark Redrum)[Clean]
Greg Kihn – Lucky (80s Redrum)[Clean]
Harry Thumann – Underwater (DJ Mhark Redrum)[Clean]
Hemlock – Disco Break (DJ Mhark Redrum)[Clean]
Jellybean – Sidewalk Talk (80s Redrum)[Clean]
Jesse Towers – Give Me Your Body While We’re Dancin’ (DJ Mhark Redrum)[Clean]
Katy Perry – Electric (DJ Mhark Redrum)[Clean]
Kevin Paige – Don’t Shut Me Out (80s Redrum)[Clean]
Kool & The Gang – Ladies Night V2 (DJ Mhark Redrum)[Clean]
Marlena Shaw – Love Dancin’ (DJ Mhark Redrum)[Clean]
Marvin Gaye – Got To Give It Up (Neon Rad Redrum) Clean 8A 123
Marvin Gaye – Got To Give It Up (Neon Rad Redrum) Intro – Clean 8A 123
Michael Jackson – Don’t Stop Til You Get Enough (DJ Mhark Redrum)[Clean]
Nightlife Unlimited – Love Is In You Part 2 (DJ Mhark Redrum)[Clean]
Nightlife Unlimited – Love Is In You V3 (DJ Mahark Redrum)[Clean]
Noel – Noel – Dancing Is Dangerous (DJ Mhark Redrum)[Clean]
Patrick Juvet – French Pillow Talk (DJ Mhark Redrum)[Clean]
Paul Carrack – Don’t Shed A Tear (80s Redrum)[Clean]
Paul McCartney – Wonderful Christmas (808 ReDrum) (BRANDO! 8 Bar Edit)[Clean]
Poussez! – Poussez! – You’re All I Have (DJ Mhark Redrum)[Clean]
Prince – Prince – I Feel For You (DJ Mahrk Redrum)[Clean]
Revanche – You Get High In NYC (DJ Mhark Redrum)[Clean]
Rod Stewart – Do Ya Think Im Sexy (Neon Rad Redrum) Clean 7A 120
Rod Stewart – Do Ya Think Im Sexy (Neon Rad Redrum) Clean CK Cut 7A 120
Rod Stewart – Do Ya Think Im Sexy (Neon Rad Redrum) Intro – Clean 7A 120
Sandra – Maria Magdalena (Dj Allan 80s Redrum)[Clean]
Saturday Night Band – Keep Those Lover’s Dancing (DJ Mahark Redrum)[Clean]
Scarlett & Black – You Don’t Know (80s Redrum)[Clean]
Sergio Mendes & Brasil – Yes I Love You (DJ Mhark Redrum)[Clean]
Silence – I Don’t Wanna Know (DJ Mhark Redrum)[Clean]
Sister Sledge – We Are Family (808 ReDrum) (BRANDO! 8 Bar Quick Hit Edit)[Clean]
Soccer – Come & Get It On (DJ Mhark Redrum)[Clean]
Suave – My Girl (80s Redrum)[Clean]
Sylvester – Can’t Stop Dancing (DJ Mhark Redrum)[Clean]
Tangerue – Everynight, Everyday (DJ Mhark Redrum)[Clean]
Tangerue – Tangerue (DJ Mhark Redrum)[Clean]
Tantra – Wishbone (DJ Mahrk Redrum)[Clean]
The Eastern Gang – Charlotte (DJ Mahark Redrum)[Clean]
The Ritchie Family – Put Your Feet To The Beat (DJ Mahark Redrum)[Clean]
The Simon Orchestra – Don’t Give Up (DJ Mhark Redrum)[Clean]
The Wonderland Band – Paradise Island (DJ Mhark Redrum)[Clean]
Tiffany – I Think We’re Alone Now (Dj Allan 80s Redrum v2)[Clean]
Tyga x Doja Cat – Freaky Deaky (DJ Jeff Hype Re-Drum)[Clean]
Tyga x Doja Cat – Freaky Deaky (DJ Jeff Re-Drum)[Clean]
USA-European Connection – USA-European Connection – I’d Like To Get Closer (DJ Mahark Redrum)[Clean]

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