Psy-Trance newest song – [22-Mar-2022]

Astrogen – Frenetic Distortion [SquareLab Music]
Cloud6 – Colors of the Night [Sixsense Music]
Dezzert & Igor Lse – Two Angry Beasts (Dezzert vs. Igor LSE) [SquareLab Music]
Hatikwa – Lottis Little Sister [Xonica Records]
Huracán – Planeswalker [Sonitum Records]
Hypergenesis – Apotheosis [Timewarp]
Hypergenesis – Converging Singularity [Timewarp]
Hypergenesis – Dematerialization [Timewarp]
Hypergenesis – Metastasis [Timewarp]
Hypergenesis – Molecular Deconstruction [Timewarp]
Hypergenesis – Phase Conjugation [Timewarp]
Hypergenesis – Temporal Divergence [Timewarp]
Indra – Walky Talky [Adhara Records]
Logman N Pstump – Dodgy Fairy [The Next Levelists]
Logman N Pstump – Nostalgia [The Next Levelists]
Logman N Pstump – Playtime [The Next Levelists]
Lostmind – Melted Swamp [SquareLab Music]
Max Tase – Carefull Little Eyes [Neptunes Records]
Middle-D & Phazed – Stardust [BHM Records]
Noether – Balakrishnan (Synthetik Chaos Remix) [SquareLab Music]
Normic Bend – Find Myself [Sting Records]
Normic Bend – Hard People Soft Cookies [Sting Records]
Normic Bend – Insect Call [Sting Records]
Normic Bend – So Good [Sting Records]
Normic Bend – Sound Like This [Sting Records]
Normic Bend – Twisted Harmony (feat. Willie) [Sting Records]
Normic Bend – Vibration [Sting Records]
Uton Spark – Ascended Shiva (Live Mix) [Spiral Trax]
Venado Sonar – India [GOA Records]
Venado Sonar – Portal En El Desierto [GOA Records]
Wode – Jam It [SquareLab Music]
X-Dream, Tsuyoshi Suzuki & Sun Project – Audio Drugs (Sun Project Remix) [Blue Tunes Records]
Zahar – Mother Nature [SYNK87]
Altered State – Hallucinate [Yellow Sunshine Explosion]
Ascent – ​​The Tempations [Yellow Sunshine Explosion]
Bellatrix – One Species [Yellow Sunshine Explosion]
Cosmic Tone & Freak Control – Dreams [Yellow Sunshine Explosion]
Disconect & Britti – Into the Light [Yellow Sunshine Explosion]
Flowjob – Hidden Beauty [Yellow Sunshine Explosion]
Ghost Note – Reunion [Yellow Sunshine Explosion]
Gipsy Soul – Space Riders [Yellow Sunshine Explosion]
Lyktum – Under the Moon [Yellow Sunshine Explosion]
Mystika – Whispering [Yellow Sunshine Explosion]
Nataraja3D – Dan.Da.Ra [Yellow Sunshine Explosion]
One Function – Be Free [Yellow Sunshine Explosion]
Ovnimoon – Trance Mode Cosmos [Yellow Sunshine Explosion]
REVERSE – Reformed [Yellow Sunshine Explosion]
Rising Dust – Blow (Cosmic Flow Remix) [Yellow Sunshine Explosion]
Shock Therapy – In Your Brain [Yellow Sunshine Explosion]
Some1 & Cosmic Flow – Desert Vibrations [Yellow Sunshine Explosion]
Zone Tempest – Hallucinations [Yellow Sunshine Explosion]
Ark & Zdlck – Syzgy [Rudra Mantra Records]
Brain Parasites & Moksha Mantra – Agent Weedy Banks [Rudra Mantra Records]
Chaos Machine – Window in Time [Rudra Mantra Records]
Fractalia & Rakasa – Flying Dutch [Rudra Mantra Records]
Kodeina – Fake Hippies [Rudra Mantra Records]
Persianox – Frequency Modelation [Rudra Mantra Records]
Protected – Synesthesia [Rudra Mantra Records]
Sound Alchemist & Underground Fractals – The Mirror [Rudra Mantra Records]
Synthetic Samadhi & Spectronix – Mangrove Swamp [Rudra Mantra Records]
Torment Maze – Strange Sounds [Rudra Mantra Records]

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