Progressive House hits song – [30-Mar-2022]

Alan Cerra – Levitate [3rd Avenue]
Alberto Santana – Infinito [Matinal Records]
Alberto Santana – Take You There [Matinal Records]
Andrés Moris – Inner Strength [3rd Avenue]
Andrewboy – Melodic Hammer (Extended Mix) [Siona Records]
Andrewboy – Way Back Home (Extended Mix) [Siona Records]
Andy Woldman & Jaskyne – Soft Universe (Aves Volare Remix) [Aviary Recordings]
Andy Woldman & Jaskyne – Soft Universe [Aviary Recordings]
Andy Woldman & Jaskyne – Soft Universe (Gav Easby Remix) [Aviary Recordings]
Anriu – Burning (Extended Mix)
Anriu – Orange Sky (Extended Mix)
Anyasa feat. Abhilasha Sinha – Kaise (Extended Mix)
Anyasa feat. Barbie Rajput – Birha
Anyasa feat. Chitralekha Sen – Raina (Extended Mix)
Anyasa feat. Tanmaya Bhatnagar – Roshni (Extended Mix)
Arteforma – Silva [3rd Avenue]
Balos – Night Flight [KTR]
BAX – Legend of the Forbidden Mountain [3rd Avenue]
Beije – Window to the Soul [3rd Avenue]
Billion Watchers – Overlord of Snakes [3rd Avenue]
Bynomic – Be a Child for One Last Day (Kolleyio Remix) [3rd Avenue]
Chent – ​​Ghost of Kiev [Saus Records]
Choopie & Golan Zocher – Alush (Alberto Hernandez & Dulus Remix) [3rd Avenue]
Chris Domingo, Mariner & Mariner + Domingo – Floating [3rd Avenue]
Chris Sterio & Alberto Sainz – On the Way Back (Around Us Remix) [3rd Avenue]
Classmate – Black Monday (Tek Mix) [Eightless Records]
Classmate – Rat Race (Sonido Puro Mix) [Eightless Records]
Cloaked – Ethereal Rides [3rd Avenue]
Cream (PL) – Astral (Anton MAKe Remix)
Cream (PL) – Astral (Original Mix)
Cream (PL) – Astral (Teleport-X Remix)
Cream (PL) – Hope (CJ Art Remix)
Cream (PL) – Hope (Enigmatic Remix)
Cream (PL) – Hope (Greg Ochman Remix)
Cream (PL) – Hope (Original Mix)
Cream (PL) – Utopia (Original Mix)
Cris Johnson – Stupid People [Out There Records]
Dark Ban Tes & Gauss – Event Horizon [Sounds of Krafted]
Dark Ban Tes & Gauss – Flamingo [Sounds of Krafted]
Dave Leck – Elevate (Eric Lune Remix)
Dave Leck – Elevate (Kamilo Sanclemente Remix)
Dave Leck – Radius (Original Mix)
David Calo – Clean & Remove [3rd Avenue]
Different Ray & Arteforma – Between the Line [3rd Avenue]
Doktor Hyde – Two Paths [3rd Avenue]
Don Penz – Give up Your Girlfriend (Extended Mix)
Dowden – Deacon (Original Mix)
Dowden – Rain Dance (Original Mix)
D’Phault & LADS – Reflections [3rd Avenue]
D-Sens – Vibrante Lumiere (Gmj Remix) [Sprout]
D-Sens – Vibrante Lumiere (Jamie Stevens Golden Return Remix) [Sprout]
Dublew – High Seas [3rd Avenue]
Dzhef – Lust [3rd Avenue]
Erdem Senel – Hypnotic Planet [Mix Studio Recordings]
Fabian Balino – Sent From Above [3rd Avenue]
Fabian Palacios – Elevated [FPO Music]
Fehrplay – Just A Dream (Extended Mix)
Fehrplay – Magnolia (Extended Mix)
Fehrplay – Pandemonium (Extended Mix)
Fiddler – Whispering From the Background (Yuriy From Russia Remix) [3rd Avenue]
Figueras – Bioluminescense [3rd Avenue]
Fjl – Sol De México [3rd Avenue]
Fractal Architect – Somnambulist [3rd Avenue]
Gauss – Dark Jungle [Sounds of Krafted]
Gavin Rochford – Zinc (Dabeat Remix) [3rd Avenue]
Hyunji-A – Journey of Life (Jamie Stevens Class of ’92 Remix) [3rd Avenue]
ImButcher – Hell Is Back [ImButcher Music]
ImButcher – Hell Is Back (Intro) [ImButcher Music]
ImButcher – Hell Is Back (Radio Edit) [ImButcher Music]
Jano Gil – Tears of Gratitude [3rd Avenue]
Jardin – Rufus (Extended Mix) (Original Mix)
Joolly – Dreaming [Trident Music]
Joy Marquez & Alfonso G – Kaya [76 Recordings]
Joy Marquez & Alfonso G – Kaya (CoronaDj Remix) [76 Recordings]
Joy Marquez & Alfonso G – Kaya (D-Fake Remix) [76 Recordings]
K3SARA – Rebuza [Creatus Flow]
K3SARA – Rebuza (Jad0 Remix) [Creatus Flow]
La Vue – Hedo (Savvas Remix) [3rd Avenue]
Leon Lobato – Retro Love (GastoM Remix) [3rd Avenue]
Luminary – My World (MeHilove Dub Mix)
Luminary – My World (MeHilove Remix)
Mango Cult – Sequoia (Mass Digital Remix) [3rd Avenue]
MartyOn & JörgK – Hollandia (Christian Monique Remix) [3rd Avenue]
MATE 0000 & Karolina Borowski – Try (Leon Lobato Remix) [3rd Avenue]
Mattias Herrera – Purple Clouds [3rd Avenue]
Maxnickel – Come On [SOVIETT Electronic]
Maxnickel – Feel [SOVIETT Electronic]
Maxnickel – Orcestra [SOVIETT Electronic]
Maxnickel – Pararam [SOVIETT Electronic]
Maxnickel – World [SOVIETT Electronic]
Maxnickel – Дела (feat. Alex Berket) [SOVIETT Electronic]
Mister Howington – Nebula [3rd Avenue]
Mlife – Air (Club Mix) [Unique Sense Progstuff]
Mlife – Air (Extended Mix) [Unique Sense Progstuff]
Mlife – Air [Unique Sense Progstuff]
Mlife – Simple Day (Extended Mix) [Unique Sense Progstuff]
Mlife – Simple Day [Unique Sense Progstuff]
MOKX & Noivil – Emphasis (Original Mix)
Morttagua – Andromedans (Original Mix)
Moshic – 3 Types of Tears [Contrast Records]
Moshic – Falling [Contrast Records]
Moshic – Passionate Love [Contrast Records]
Moshic – The Shaman’s Daughter [Contrast Records]
Mystic Mind – Del Sol [3rd Avenue]
Nathia Kate & Mariano Ballejos – This Is Your World [Headliner Music]
Night Shift Master – Day Dreamer (Davstr3k Remix) [3rd Avenue]
Owen Ear – Morning [3rd Avenue]
Paul (AR) – Calm Atmosphere (Imran Khan’s Nod to 90’s Remix) [3rd Avenue]
Petar Dundov – Ladder (Extended Mix) [Days Like Nights]
Physical Phase – Emanation (Extended Mix) [Greenstone]
Physical Phase – Emanation [Greenstone]
PRAANA & Julia Church – Nobody Else (Extended Mix)
QUOBRA – Paramatma [Dbeatzion Records]
Radical Fantasy & Amir Telem – Kiss the Sky (Kyotto Remix) [3rd Avenue]
Reboq – Curiosity (Original Mix)
Reboq – Skyfall (Original Mix)
Reboq – Tales From Mars (Not Demure Remix)
Reboq – Tales From Mars (Original Mix)
Rezo – Phonoman [KTR]
ROMM – Nepton [Deepsessions Digital]
ROMM – Satorn [Deepsessions Digital]
Ruh – From the Hills (Samihe Remix) [3rd Avenue]
Ruh – Unrequited (Hot Tuneik Remix) [3rd Avenue]
Sachila Chathnuka – Once Again (Extended Mix) [feat. Zeno Mendez] [Sachila Chathnuka]
Sachila Chathnuka – Once Again (feat. Zeno Mendez) [Sachila Chathnuka]
Sandeep Pai – Mirrors [Jee Productions]
Sandeep Pai – Mirrors (Oliver & Tom Remix) [Jee Productions]
Savvas – The Whale Dance (Weird Sounding Dude Remix) [3rd Avenue]
Seething Flow – Calypso [UNCLES MUSIC]
Seething Flow – Odyssey [UNCLES MUSIC]
Seven Wells – Amidst the Clutter & Mess (Ric Niels Remix) [3rd Avenue]
Stan Kolev – Oblivion (Austin Pettit Remix) [Freegrant Music]
Stan Kolev – Oblivion (Ric Niels Remix) [Freegrant Music]
Stan Kolev – Oblivion (Secretly Famous Remix) [Freegrant Music]
Steven Weston feat. Låpsley – Like I Used To
Subnode – Levels [3rd Avenue]
Sunburstz – Purge [3rd Avenue]
TD – Heart Disposal (Andrew Case Remix) [3rd Avenue]
TheArchitech & Rwbel – Frozen Inside [33 Degrees Fahrenheit]
TheArchitech & Rwbel – Stardust [33 Degrees Fahrenheit]
The Muhammads – Maha [3rd Avenue]
Travis Jesse – The Embrace [3rd Avenue]
Ucros – Cinnamon Dog (Original Mix)
Unit 7 – Burning Man [As IF ! Records]
Unit 7 – Cafe Mambosa [As IF ! Records]
Unit 7 – What Is It ! [As IF ! Records]
Unit 7 – You’re the Only One [As IF ! Records]
Vandelor – Red Days in Mars (Reprise) [3rd Avenue]
VAUBAN – Ayampe [3rd Avenue]
Vibrante Lumiere (Gmj Remix)
Vibrante Lumiere (Jamie Stevens Golden Return Remix)
Vibrante Lumiere (Original Mix)
Weird Sounding Dude – Star Child (Nopi Remix) [3rd Avenue]
Zahna – Mutaha [3rd Avenue]

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