Preparing for Next Year By Rick Brewer

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Rick Brewer
Rick Brewer

Each year in the Wedding Business, there are three magical days that account for 35-40% of all the engagements that will occur during the year (the three days are Christmas, New Year, and Valentine’s day). Being properly prepared for getting the word out to this HUGE group of Brides begins now.
In recent weeks as I have spoken to large groups of wedding professionals, I have heard the same stories. “I have never seen a year like this in my 15 years of business”, “Business is so off I have had to consider taking a part-time job”, “The brides just hid for the year” and the comments go on and on. My natural follow-up question is “how is next year looking?”
So far, some have responded favorably to the follow-up and others are a bit concerned. The thing I mention next is that not everybody had a bad year this past year. In fact, I have seen many businesses that have expanded this past year. There is a reason why some businesses are expanding and others are going out of business; Marketing.
Think about this, nothing is going to happen until your marketing works. If your marketing doesn’t work, the brides won’t hear about you. Brides are very unique customers:
• 85% are “first-time brides
• They have never bought your products/service before
• They will never buy it again
• They are buying more products/services for the one day than they will ever spend again
Now, let’s take a look at what is happening with your marketing. In my working with wedding vendors, I have seen three typical problems. These problems are magnified by the fact that most of the wedding vendors who suffer from these problems do not feel as if it is a problem or that it is a problem that they are responsible for. Here are the three problems:
1. There are 8 typical ways in which I have researched and found that brides typically find the vendors that they are going to use. The average wedding vendor is typically only taking advantage of 2.8 of these 8.
2. When I look further into the average 3 ways they are trying to get brides, they are using the wrong methods to reach out to the bride (they talk in the wrong way about the wrong things and the bride promptly ignores them).
3. Further, they look at marketing as an event rather than a process. The marketing you start now will have an effect 6-8 months down the road. Again, if you do not market, or your market badly, you will have bad results down the road.
Here is something that if you get nothing else from this article you need to fully understand:
You are 100% FOR YOUR results.
If you put a great ad in a bad magazine, you will get the same results as if you put a bad ad in a great magazine. If you show up to a networking meeting with the wrong objective, you will walk out of there with zero results. If you go to a bridal show and there are brides there and you have the wrong preparation, the wrong display, and the wrong actions, you will walk away with zero results.
Again- whose fault is it-the magazines? not necessarily. Is it the bridal show that’s bad? not necessarily. Is it that networking doesn’t work- absolutely not. You may need a tune-up on what you are doing.
By tuning up what you do and how you do it, you stand to turn around dismal results that were experienced in 2009 and make 2010 more profitable and let’s face it- More Fun! (Everything is more fun when you are making more money and are busy rather than bored).
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