8 Resources to Help Recent Migrants Start an Event Business – Confetti Fair

If you’re a recent arrival in Australia, and looking to start an event related business, you might be wondering what resources are available to help you get started on your journey. The and party planning industry has grown exponentially over the last few years, and is becoming an event of a lucrative source of income … Read more

14 Impactful Lessons from Robert Holden’s Loveability by Matt Anderson

Subscribe To Our Youtube Channel CLICK HERE After I finished Robert Holden’s book, I closed my eyes to soak it up. I was sitting outside, and the warm summer breeze blew around me. The picture that came into my head was my very first day of primary school. Then I thought: ‘Okay, I have a … Read more

A Look Back At The 2010 Mobile Beat DJ Conference | The Q Corner, Where Quality Meets Quantity By Mike Walter

Subscribe To Our Youtube Channel CLICK HERE FLASHBACK ARTICLE FROM MARCH 2010The powers that be at Mobile Beat dubbed this year’s annual DJ Conference in Las Vegas: MBLVX – Turn It Up To Eleven!When I saw that I immediately understood the “Spinal Tap” reference although I had to wonder why they wouldn’t have shelved the … Read more

How To Make An Outward Change In Your Business And Your Fellow DJ By Mitch Taylor

Subscribe To Our Youtube Channel CLICK HERE FLASHBACK ARTICLE FROM MARCH 2010Last month we talked about the couple who made a change in the life of people they don’t even know and donated their $2500 food budget for their reception to Haiti for disaster relief. They felt empowered by their decision and grateful for the … Read more

Encore LP32IP: ADJ’s Punchy Panel With Lime LED Technology For Higher CRI Output

The latest addition to ADJ’s new range of wash lights featuring powerful RGB+Lime color mixing LEDs, the Encore LP32IP, is a multi-functional IP65-rated panel fixture. Designed for rental, touring and event production, this rugged LED wash light offers smooth color mixing with a vast palette of options and a high CRI. Suitable for use both … Read more