House Release top new – [01-Apr-2022]

Ali Story – Everyday (Extended Mix)
A-Trak – Bee Bop (Original Mix)
A-Trak – Bubble Guts (Original Mix)
A-Trak – Sling Shot (Original Mix)
A-Trak – Spit (Original Mix)
Basement Jaxx – Fly Life (Paco Osuna Remix)
Ben Remember – Hypnotising (Extended Mix)
Bernax – Easy to Love
Beyond Chicago – Party (Extended Mix)
Block & Crown feat. Sophie Brown – Because The Night (Original Mix)
Block & Crown, Lissat – Pump The Noise (Original Mix)
BURNR – Shake It In The Mirror (Extended Mix)
Chemical Surf – Such A Fool (Dub Mix)
CICI – 10 Thousand (Extended Mix)
Danny Kane – Do Nothing (Original Mix)
DJOKO – Me & You (Original Mix)
DJOKO – Odyssey (Original Mix)
Eli Escobar – Findaway2day (Original Mix)
Eli Escobar – Something Inside Of Me (Original Mix)
Escobar – Daywun (Original Mix)
Escobar – Down All Day (Original Mix)
Fetish – Give It Up (Original Mix)
GAWP – Burning Inside (Extended Mix)
Househeadz – When I Think of You (Original Mix)
James Hype & Miggy Dela Rosa – Ferrari (Geses Extended Remix)
JaySounds & Dave Winnel – Stimulate (Extended Mix)
Johan S feat. Andy Reid – In Your Eyes
Kickbugs & Roland Clark – One House (Original Mix)
Low Blow – House Revolution (Extended Mix)
Melsen – Ain’t Real (Extended Mix)
Me & My Toothbrush – Unbreakable (Extended Mix)
Mike Ivy, Lenny M – I Need You (Extended Mix)
NY’s Finest – Do You Feel Me (Victor Simonelli Club Mix)
NY’s Finest – Feel Me (Feel It Bounce Trax)
NY’s Finest – Feel Me (Feel It) (DJ Duke Remix)
NY’s Finest – Feel Me (Feel the Vibe)
OB – Se Puede (Original Mix)
OB – Smells Like (Original Mix)
Ralph Rose, Kid Enigma – Something For Nothing (Club Mix) [Robsoul]
Ralph Rose, Kid Enigma – Something For Nothing (Instrumental) [Robsoul]
Ralph Rose, Kid Enigma – Something For Nothing [Robsoul]
Rio Dela Duna, Spooner Street – A Lie (Extended Mix)
Scruby, Aron Chiarella, Rion S – Searching (Original Mix)
Sol Rhythmics – Guitarra Dub (Original Mix) [City Beach Records]
Sol Rhythmics – La Musica (Original Mix) [City Beach Records]
Spencer Parker – Kiss (Extended Mix) (Original Mix)
Steve Bug & Cle – Butterflies Speak Poetry Original Mix)
Steve Bug & Cle – The Rave Original Mix)
Tall Paul, Trippy P – No One Knows (Extended Mix)
Tone Troy – Breathing (Original Mix)
Tone Troy – Show Me (Original Mix)
Tone Troy – The Ride (Original Mix)
Tosca – Osam (Edit)
Tosca – Osam
Trouble Within – Hold This Down (Original Mix)
Vanilla Ace, AYAREZ – Bom Bom (Extended Mix)
Anphibia – In Your Love (Undervoice Mix)
Block, Crown & Damon Gray – Dunas (Club Mix)
Eddie Heaven – One Leap, Two Leaps (Atmospherical Mix)
Funky Truckerz – Alive
Jack Foster – Freeday Friday (Cool Exp. Mix)
K220 – Only You (Club Mix)
Kilany M – Feel The Groove
Krik Over – Not The Answer (Extended Mix)
Larry Scottish – Wish You Know (Extended Mix)
Lopez Valdas – The Bom Bom Bomb (Club Edit)
Luy Piaget – Natural Thing (Old Tech House Mix)
Marius Myer – Comfort Zone
Masterside – Tel Aviv
Minimind – Love In Brooklyn
ONOFF – River Pad (After Mix)
Paraphonik – I Wanna Take You Back (Extended Mix)
Sak Chaime – Hopt
Seumas Norv – Wilo (Extended Mix)
Soap Bubbles – Valzer
Stereosoulz – Trouble Man
The Razor – Good Bellion (Red Mix)
The Riviera Guys – Emotion Control (Background Rhythms Mix)
Tony Watt – House Music Is Here
Tower Brothers – Bridge (Funny Mix)
Victor Agoh – My Overdose is U (Clubbing Mix)
Cosmos Funk – Touchin You (Original Mix)
Cream Bitches – Got It Back (Original Mix)
Ellise Morgan – Give Me Love (Original Mix)
Empty Rollers – Together & Forever (Extended Mix)
Fenomeno – So Hypnotize (Original Mix)
Gareth Souza – Again (Original Mix)
Gordon Dogs – Its All For You (Original Mix)
House Generator – Feel That Move (Original Mix)
Kid Stevens – Single Love (Original Mix)
Kid The House – Rolls Play (Original Mix)
Kristina Mailana – You Love Me (Original Mix)
Mark Chapter – Let It Life (The Street Dancer Remix)
Mike Claver – Holdin On (Original Mix)
Mike Hosking – Smooth Operator (Funky Low Remix)
Phonetic Kids – Round Me (Original Mix)
Sandy Fondera – Release Your Self 2.0 (Original Mix)
Sweet Imagers – Slow Mind (Original Mix)
The Green Sause – Bring Me Luv (Original Mix)
ANTDADOPE – That’s Right
Deljoi feat The Audio Manipulator – Tuesday
Designated Driver – Unknown
Neil Chin – This Is House Music

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