Hardcore compilation – [15-Apr-2022]

Akihito Kimura – Aria [RouteR]
Akihito Kimura – Black Flare [RouteR]
Akihito Kimura – Dimension Unlocked [RouteR]
Akihito Kimura – Divided Individuality [RouteR]
Akihito Kimura – Don’t Be Biased [RouteR]
Akihito Kimura – Exit Of Paradox [RouteR]
Akihito Kimura – Intuition [RouteR]
Akihito Kimura – On My Own [RouteR]
Akihito Kimura – Realm Of Being [RouteR]
Akihito Kimura – Sacred Floor [RouteR]
Alphatech_5 – Not Today (Sound Forces Remix) [Smiley Tunes Digital]
Androgyn Network – Bring on the Hurricane Pain Androgyn Network Remix [Deathchant Records]
A-RIZE – Eternal Fight (Extended Mix)
Audiotricz – Just Can’t Get Enough (Extended Mix)
Audiotricz – Just Can’t Get Enough
Carbonatez – Gods (Original Mix)
Dance Fly FX – My Thoughts [Eternal Sun Records]
Dance Fly FX – Projection of the Universe [Eternal Sun Records]
D-Charged & Digital Mindz – Radiant (Extended Mix)
Dean Richardson – Heist [Global Awakening Records]
Dean Richardson – Heist (Radio Edit) [Global Awakening Records]
Deepack – Storm (Extended Mix)
Deepack – Storm
Demonas – Diamonds (Extended Mix)
DJ Project – Cuando los Violines Bailan [BCN Records]
Ely Muff – Toilet Muff [Deathchant Records]
GavGStyle – SAVE YOU 2022 REBOOT (UK Hardcore Mix) [GSP]
Hellfish – Theme from Fuck Daddy (Remix) [Deathchant Records]
Imperatorz – Born To React (Original Mix)
Jade Key Ft. BROOKLNN – Chase (Extended Mix)
Juju Rush – The Start of Dawn (Extended Mix) [Q-dance presents NEXT]
Juju Rush – The Start of Dawn [Q-dance presents NEXT]
Lars Macer & Thammer – Manga Core (Extended Mix) [Phrenetikal Records]
Lars Macer & Thammer – Manga Core (Radio Edit Mix) [Phrenetikal Records]
Michael Phase & Cally Feat. Mastachief – Something In The Shadows (Extended Mix)
Paul Hunter – The Gobbler [Trip The Light Fantastic]
Radianze – Bring On The Thunder (Extended Mix)
Radianze – Bring On The Thunder
Rewildz – Frost & Fire (TWSTD Frost Remix)
ROGIA – Smack Riot [Discovery Music]
Rude Ass Tinker – Magical Digital [Deathchant Records]
Skieta – Uncontrolled Freak [Deathchant Records]
Slenderman – Palpitation (Radio Edit) [Tempo Trax]
Slenderman – Palpitation [Tempo Trax]
Specter – Got My Ice On (Extended Mix)
Synthsoldier – Ascension (Serzo Remix) (Extended Mix)
The DJ Producer – Body Harvest ‘death of a Bunkerclot’ Remix [Deathchant Records]
The Scarfaces – Time Kicking (Chevi N One Mix) [Save The Rave]
The Scarfaces – Time Kicking (DJ Flaxx Acid Mix) [Save The Rave]
The Scarfaces – Time Kicking [Save The Rave]
The Speed ​​Freak – The Wrath of the Psychopath [Deathchant Records]
Tieum – Humalien (Remix) [Deathchant Records]
Vinylgroover – Dat Bass (Extended Mix)
Vinylgroover – Dat Bass
Wavepuncher – Alive (Extended Mix) [Different Solution Records]
Wavepuncher – Dream (DJ Joey Remix) [Different Solution Records]
Wavepuntcher – I Know & U Know (Extended Mix) [Different Solution Records]
Wavepuntcher – Justify (Extended Mix) [Different Solution Records]
Wavepuncher – Pump This (Extended Mix) [Different Solution Records]
Wavepuncher – Reality of Live (Airport Mix) [Different Solution Records]
Xavi BCN & Dj Nervio – 4 My Grandpa [BCN Records]

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