Getting Organized in the Garage

Well this is it you guys…this was my LAST space to organize and mannnnn it looks good! You know the funny thing about my garage is that it’s ALWAYS open so everyone who lives in my neighborhood can see it in all it’s glory. Here’s how this went down…

First, just like all good organizers will tell you – pull everything out and PURGE! Throw out anything you don’t need or don’t use any longer. OR of course, donate it. Only throw it out if it’s something too gross to donate (ie. my kids smelly hockey gear that is worn beyond words).

Once you know what you’re working with, you need a system to store everything. For me, I wanted a couple of shelves to store bins on, I needed a bike rack and I need some heavy duty hooks to hang some essentials that we use all the time (like beach chairs, extension cords, tennis racquets and golf bags) .

IMG_8012 copy.jpg



These are the items I ordered to help get my garage in order:

Shelving units
Utility Hooks
Bike Rack
Bins – I sourced in person at Target and Walmart
Custom labels



One of the great benefits of having an organized garage (or any space really) is that you can then maximize the area you’re working with because you’ve freed up space. In our garage, we have an indent that is intended for an extra car but I turned it into a hockey “arena”. I set up a huge hockey net, a shooting pad, a basket of pucks, an old broken couch that found new life for the kids and their friends and a hockey equipment drying station for airing out their gear post practices and games. Everyone asks me about the drying racks so I’m linking them here – they are incredible. The kids absolutely love this hockey den and use it all the time to work out, practice shooting and hang with their friends.



I’d say my favorite part of this garage organization was the satisfaction I got from placing the custom labels on each bin. These labels are life changing. I told Clea and Joanna this when they first came to organize my party closet many moons ago. Makes putting things away so clear and easy for everyone in your home!
I have plenty of room on my shelving units to grow into this garage, add more bins and store more in this system over time if I need to.



I have a tendency to hang onto empty boxes for awhile, something my friends make fun of me for but I find sometimes these empty boxes come in handy if I have an issue with a product. My new Macbook is gorgeous and I’ll never part with it but should I have an issue…that box may come in handy and honestly? I love that box and enjoy staring at it on my way in and out of the garage on a daily basis.

Lastly, I created a station that acts as a grab and go on your way in and out of the garage door entry to the house. This station includes hats, masks , hockey essentials like grip tape, balls, extension cords and flashlights. There is also a shoe rack and extra storage for shoes and sports equipment so my kids can take responsibility for placing their belongings…where they belong.

Now…I have nothing in my house left to organize. Ah!

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