Electronica song list – [16-Mar-2022]

03SIDIAN & Göran Månsson – Chrysalis [SUPRANU Records]
03SIDIAN & Göran Månsson – Delicate Wings [SUPRANU Records]
96 Back & Text Chunk – Virtual Resonator Dream [Temple Records (CA)]
Aberration – At All Costs [Downside Up Recordings]
Aberration – Contributing Factors [Downside Up Recordings]
Aberration – Crap Shoot [Downside Up Recordings]
Aberration – Dollar For Every [Downside Up Recordings]
Aberration – For Themselves [Downside Up Recordings]
Aberration – Late Than Never [Downside Up Recordings]
Aberration – Refrain Game [Downside Up Recordings]
Aberration – Small Doses [Downside Up Recordings]
Aberration – Sum Gain [Downside Up Recordings]
Aberration – What They Wont [Downside Up Recordings]
Acceptable Drunk – Blooming Souls [Nidra Music]
Aim To Head – Authority [ATH]
Aim To Head – Backyard [ATH]
Aim To Head – Deadly [ATH]
Aim To Head – Disobey [ATH]
Albert Tamás – Double Down [UltraMas Sound]
Albert Tamás – The Fabric Market [UltraMas Sound]
Alek Hidell – BEACH [Trovarobato]
Alek Hidell – FATHER [Trovarobato]
Alek Hidell – FLIES [Trovarobato]
Alek Hidell – JELLYFISH [Trovarobato]
Alek Hidell – PHOTOGRAPH [Trovarobato]
Alex Mason – War With Itself [Gert Records]
Allma Skneian – Circle [Built Incontrol Records]
Allma Skneian – El Repentista [Built Incontrol Records]
Aniak – Clocks [SPRYA RECORDS]
Aniak – Glide [SPRYA RECORDS]
Aniak – So Good [SPRYA RECORDS]
Aniak – Sunflower Fields [SPRYA RECORDS]
Antiproject – Aspiration [Gysnoize Recordings]
AresWusic – SuperNova [Gysnoize Recordings]
Aural Space – Esperanza (Remix de la Luz) [LightinBuddah]
Aural Space – Lost in Space [LightinBuddah]
Aural Space – Oceans of Calm [LightinBuddah]
Awake From A Dream – Coldfront [XMOD Records]
Bawrut – Sabich (Original Mix)
Beamy – Safe Harbor [M-Sol Records]
Beamy – Sierra De La Plata [M-Sol Records]
Blonde Maze – If I Could (Silvershore Remix) [Enhanced Chill]
Blurred Movie – Walls [WayOn]
Bombes – Der Fruehe Vogel [ToySounds]
Bombes – Der Gute Morgen [ToySounds]
Brett Oosterhaus – Get Me High [Queen House Music]
Brian Abelson – Phase 1 [Globally Limited]
Brian Abelson – Phase 2 [Globally Limited]
Brian Abelson – Phase 3 [Globally Limited]
Brian Abelson – Phase 4 [Globally Limited]
Buenalinea – Flags [WayOn]
Carla dal Forno – Clusters [Kallista]
Carla dal Forno – Make up Talk [Kallista]
Carla dal Forno – The Garden [Kallista]
Carla dal Forno – We Shouldn’t Have to Wait [Kallista]
Catoff – Old Boy [29 EXPERIMENT]
Choopsie – Don’t Let Me Down [RVDIOVCTIVE]
CJahVoid – Bad Trip [CJahVoid Official]
CJahVoid – Litness [CJahVoid Official]
CJahVoid – Our Love [CJahVoid Official]
CJahVoid – Paranoia [CJahVoid Official]
CJahVoid – Substance [CJahVoid Official]
Cj Nikson – 7000Km To Love [Gysnoize Recordings]
Cosmonaut – Milky Way (IN5UM Extended Remix)
Cosmonaut – Milky Way (In5um Extended Remix) [Skytop]
Creatique – Over the Space [Gysnoize Recordings]
D4MIAN SMITH – D4mian Makes You Dance [RECORDS GROUP]
Deep Dive Corp. – Dare [Scuba Music]
Degraded Files – Gum [WayOn]
Denary – Antigravity [Gysnoize Recordings]
Dena – Staring At the Sea [Gysnoize Recordings]
DJ Artak – Banished (feat. Joanna Angelina) [Nicksher Music]
DMP Tunes – Intro [Spitfire Music]
Eddy Fox – All I need [UltraMas Sound]
Eddy Fox – Blade Walker [UltraMas Sound]
Eddy Fox – Get To Grapes [UltraMas Sound]
Eins Tiefer – Sunscreen [Younion]
EMOG – Beautiful Star [Voodoo Hoodoo Recordings]
EMOG – Celestine [Voodoo Hoodoo Recordings]
EMOG – Feeling 4 My Life [Voodoo Hoodoo Recordings]
EMOG – Sky Diamonds [Voodoo Hoodoo Recordings]
Eros – Aetherus [AMPLE RICH RECORDS]
Eros – Aetherus (Remix) [AMPLE RICH RECORDS]
Eros – Aetherus VIP (Remix) [AMPLE RICH RECORDS]
Eros & Hamilton Morales – Aetherus (Remix) [AMPLE RICH RECORDS]
Eugeen – Bi – Timbral [BlockFour Records]
Eugeen – De Sade [BlockFour Records]
Ex-Terrestrial – Inlet [Temple Records (CA)]
Eyes Synthesis – No Wind [WayOn]
Fabio Chindamo – Arrival [iM Electronica]
Fabio Chindamo – Be Relaxed [iM Electronica]
Fabio Chindamo – Done [iM Electronica]
Fabio Chindamo – Get Comfortable [iM Electronica]
Fabio Chindamo – Take Your Time [iM Electronica]
Fabio Chindamo – The Cradle of the Three [iM Electronica]
Fabio Chindamo – The Transition [iM Electronica]
Fabio Chindamo – Unite the Calm [iM Electronica]
Fab Oz – Abysse [MOR Records]
Fadnov – Pseudo Bug [NSNTR Records]
Frame 74 – Buttons [WayOn]
Giovanni Gomes & Eric Sax – A Breath of Soul [Soul Touch Records]
Gleesons Loft – As Waves Crash Over Me [Chill Caterpillar]
Gleesons Loft – Floating High Above Me [Chill Caterpillar]
Gleesons Loft – Outside Looking In [Chill Caterpillar]
Graintable – Arrow Map [Ran$om Note]
Grant Bouvier – From Depths So Crushing [Delusional Records]
Grant Bouvier – Stranger Days [Delusional Records]
Guijom – Murmmur [Embryon]
Gunnera – We All Go Blind [Temple Records (CA)]
GYSNOIZE – My Rain [Gysnoize Recordings]
GYSNOIZE – You Are Beautiful [Gysnoize Recordings]
Hadiex – Feel Your Body [Creative Records]
Hadiex – Heavyweight [Creative Records]
Hadiex – Rage The Soul [Creative Records]
Hante. – À Contrecoeur [SYNTH RELIGION]
Hante. – Beyond The Waves [SYNTH RELIGION]
Hante. – Damages [SYNTH RELIGION]
Hante. – Falling From Grace [SYNTH RELIGION]
Hante. – Il n’y a qu’un Pas [SYNTH RELIGION]
Hante. – In Raptures [SYNTH RELIGION]
Hante. – Le Silence [SYNTH RELIGION]
Hante. – Living in a French Movie [SYNTH RELIGION]
Hante. – One More Dance [SYNTH RELIGION]
Hante. – Que Reste-t-il de notre amour! [SYNTH RELIGION]
Hante. – Quiet Violence [SYNTH RELIGION]
Hante. – Respect (Kontravoid Remix) [SYNTH RELIGION]
Hante. Respect (Milliken Chamber Remix) [SYNTH RELIGION]
Hante. – Respect (New Soul Mix) [SYNTH RELIGION]
Hante. – Run, Lie, Cry [SYNTH RELIGION]
Hante. – Serre – Moi Encore (Hørd Remix) [SYNTH RELIGION]
Hante. – The Storm [SYNTH RELIGION]
Hante. – This Morning Of September [SYNTH RELIGION]
Hante. – Une Nuit Avec Mon Ennemi [SYNTH RELIGION]
Hante. Wild Animal (Aura Shred Remix) [SYNTH RELIGION]
Hante. Wild Animal (Fee Lion Remix) [SYNTH RELIGION]
Hante. Wild Animal (Fragrance Remix) [SYNTH RELIGION]
Heavenchord & Infinity Dots – Nightflower [Secret Domain]
Heavenchord & Infinity Dots – Nochnoy [Secret Domain]
Heavenchord & Infinity Dots – Rainforest [Secret Domain]
Heavenchord & Infinity Dots – Via Dolorosa [Secret Domain]
Heavenchord & Infinity Dots – Watching the City at Night [Secret Domain]
Ishtadi – Forgotten Territory 1 [Secret Domain]
Ishtadi – Forgotten Territory 2 [Secret Domain]
Ishtadi – Forgotten Territory 3 [Secret Domain]
Ishtadi – Forgotten Territory 4 [Secret Domain]
Ishtadi – Forgotten Territory 5 [Secret Domain]
Jayson House – Pleasant Memories [Gysnoize Recordings]
JD Gym – 19-22 [iM Electronica]
JD Gym – Chaos Chaos Chaos [iM Electronica]
JD Gym – Prague [iM Electronica]
Jon Gord – Emergence (Original Mix)
Jupiter Buoy – Cornish Acceptance [Record Union]
Kazak – Stop the War [Gert Records]
Khymeia – Opaco [Eklero]
Khymeia – Pioggia Strale [Eklero]
Khymeia – Ritmo Binario [Eklero]
Khymeia – Veleno Sacro [Eklero]
Kiimi – Lanzarote Howl (Mano Le Tough Remix) [Hotflush Recordings]
Kiimi – Trust (Mano Le Tough Dub) [Hotflush Recordings]
LAM AT – Aura 432Hz [iN iN]
LAM AT – Chakra [iN iN]
LAM AT – Dna [iN iN]
LAM AT – Regeneración [iN iN]
Lauren Duffus – Habits [AD 93]
Lauren Duffus – Outro [AD 93]
Lee Roy Mon’do – My Remedy [Spitfire Music]
Local Suicide – Jam Bounce Release (feat. Theus Mago) [Iptamenos Discos]
Local Suicide – Jam Bounce Release (feat. Theus Mago) [Radio Edit] [Iptamenos Discos]
Lorddd & Master – All the Rich Boys [Knoziz Recordings]
Lorddd & Master – Daylight [Knoziz Recordings]
Lorddd & Master – Ga Ga Giddy [Knoziz Recordings]
Lorddd & Master – I Only Want You [Knoziz Recordings]
Lyddyb9 – Thought 1 [Sibri29 Records]
Lyddyb9 – Thought 2 [Sibri29 Records]
Lyddyb9 – Thought 3 [Sibri29 Records]
Mango Bear Head – Attack of the Polymorphic Malware [Record Union]
Mango Bear Head – Brain Fungus [Record Union]
Mango Bear Head – Heath Spliff [Record Union]
Mango Bear Head – If Circles Relaxed [Record Union]
Mango Bear Head – Quantum Supremacy [Record Union]
Mango Bear Head – They’ve Legalised Mushrooms in Denver [Record Union]
Mango Bear Head – Unnamed Robot [Record Union]
Mango Bear Head – Upright Coma [Record Union]
Mango Bear Head – Warm in the Hole [Record Union]
Mango Bear Head – What Ya Gonna Do Now! [Record Union]
Mark Rabinovich – Sides [Days Without End]
Mark Rabinovich – Ylana [Days Without End]
Mark Rabinovich – ZigZag [Days Without End]
M Dust – A Day in June [Temple Records (CA)]
Miki Ozuka – Altai [MOZAIK]
Miki Ozuka – Amanita [MOZAIK]
Miki Ozuka – Hyperborea [MOZAIK]
Miki Ozuka – Kamchatka [MOZAIK]
Miki Ozuka – Magadan [MOZAIK]
Miki Ozuka – Tundra [MOZAIK]
Miki Ozuka – Ural [MOZAIK]
Minuit Machine – Danger [SYNTH RELIGION]
Minuit Machine – Don’t Run from the Fire [SYNTH RELIGION]
Minuit Machine – Lovers of the Night [SYNTH RELIGION]
Minuit Machine – To Control [SYNTH RELIGION]
Model 86 – Get At [TRIPEL]
Moe Turk – Wen Msafer [BEATZ]
motionxbeats – Abstract Subculture [ATH]
Murg – Cosmic Dreams [Clipp.Art]
Murg – Emptiness [Clipp.Art]
Murg – Illusions [Clipp.Art]
NDMZ & OneWind – With You, Friends [Hydra Music Records]
Nekero – Impossible [29 CHILL]
No Moon – Are We Really Doing This! [Craigie Knowes]
No Moon – Existing [Craigie Knowes]
No Moon – For Everyone Who Didn’t Make it This Far [Craigie Knowes]
No Moon – Simpler Times [Craigie Knowes]
No Moon – Train to Luzern [Craigie Knowes]
No Moon – Transmission III [Craigie Knowes]
Organic Patch – Beatless [M-Sol Records]
Organic Patch – Breath Controller [M-Sol Records]
Organic Patch – Chill Breaks [M-Sol Records]
Organic Patch – Close Your Eyes [M-Sol Records]
Organic Patch – Energy Star [M-Sol Records]
Organic Patch – Hearts Don’t Lie [M-Sol Records]
Organic Patch – Last Night [M-Sol Records]
Organic Patch – Last Time [M-Sol Records]
Organic Patch – No Way [M-Sol Records]
Organic Patch – Organic Patch [M-Sol Records]
Organic Patch – Raining Day [M-Sol Records]
Organic Patch – Ray of Hope [M-Sol Records]
Organic Patch – Weightless [M-Sol Records]
Perila – Can We Just Be Real [Temple Records (CA)]
Pezz Dj- M – Fall In Love [Infinito records]
Pezz Dj- M – Only Relax [Infinito records]
Pezz Dj- M – Point of View [Infinito records]
Phones in the Sun – First Look [Temple Records (CA)]
Pixbull – Incredible [WayOn]
Report K – Improvisation [WayOn]
Ruslan Mur – Dawning [Gysnoize Recordings]
Saint Gobin – Liar [Classè Records]
Sampology – Ten Foot Flowers (Glass Beams Desert Flower Edition) [feat. Glass Beams] [Middle Name Records]
Sampology – Ten Foot Flowers (IN2STELLAR remix) [feat. In2stellar] [Middle Name Records]
Samology – Ten Foot Flowers [Middle Name Records]
Scenoscope – Warm Kiss [WayOn]
Segura Blanco. – Uranio [Segura Blanco]
Shades of Thunder, Powernerd & Edictum – I Can’t Get Enough [Outland Recordings]
Síntese – Aurora [Ease Division]
Síntese – Divine Intervention [Ease Division]
Síntese – It Will Be Given [Ease Division]
Síntese – Morning Sun [Ease Division]
Síntese – Nature of the Universe [Ease Division]
Síntese – Pathways [Ease Division]
Síntese – Tangent Universe [Ease Division]
Síntese – Unfold [Ease Division]
Síntese – Variable Illumination [Ease Division]
Slow Stance – BBC [Ak Tape 65]
Slow Stance – Enigma Love [Ak Tape 65]
Slow Stance – Heartbeat [Ak Tape 65]
Slow Stance – Hot Sex [Ak Tape 65]
Slow Stance – Music For Sex [Ak Tape 65]
Slow Stance – Vudu [Ak Tape 65]
Slow World – Ancient Islands [Lemongrassmusic]
Slow World – Hideaway [Lemongrassmusic]
Slow World – Kitsune [Lemongrassmusic]
Slow World – Let The Wind Take You Higher [Lemongrassmusic]
Slow World – Pacific Beach [Lemongrassmusic]
Slow World – Sakura No Hana [Lemongrassmusic]
Slow World – Secrets Of Fujiyama [Lemongrassmusic]
Slow World – Seijaku [Lemongrassmusic]
Slow World – Tokyo Romance [Lemongrassmusic]
Slow World – Winds Of Hokkaido [Lemongrassmusic]
Soap Ribbons – Tornado [WayOn]
Sorenious Bonk – My Relations [Young Ethics]
Sounding Leaves – Instead [WayOn]
Sounds from the Ground – Beautiful Feeling Dub (feat. Taz) [Upstream Records]
Sounds from the Ground – Moving into a New Space Dub (feat. Nicola Hitchcock) [Upstream Records]
Sounds from the Ground – New Day Dub [Upstream Records]
Sybranax – Stargaze (Extended Mix) [Hydra Music Records]
Sybranax – Stargaze (Radio Edit) [Hydra Music Records]
Tar Ntsei & PAUL B SA – First Impressions [Just Breathe Music]
Tar Ntsei & Queen Oletha – Incwad’encane [Just Breathe Music]
Tar Ntsei – Voices in My Head [Just Breathe Music]
Tarotplane – Cell Phone English [Temple Records (CA)]
Tefo & Khanyi – Show Me (Tar Ntsei Remix) [Just Breathe Music]
The Sura Quintet – Keep On [Stereoheaven]
Thom Yorke – 5.17 [XL Recordings]
Ultratunex – Evening Sun [WayOn]
UNDERHER – 909 & Heartbreaks (Original Mix)
UNDERHER – Don’t Go (Original Mix)
UNDERHER, Eleonora – Slowly Drowning feat. Eleonora (Original Mix)
UNDERHER, Johanson – Dark Fantasy feat. Johanson (Original Mix)
UNDERHER, Liz Cass – The Reckoning feat. Liz Cass (Original Mix)
UNDERHER – Loner (Original Mix)
UNDERHER, Nicki Fehr – Last Breath feat. Nicki Fehr (Original Mix)
Unknown Text – Random 4 [WayOn]
Unknown Text – Random 8 [WayOn]
Unreal Scene – Mistero [WayOn]
Unterval – Tehannamb (Red Flag Mix) [Temple Records (CA)]
Usb Risk – Tecno Pod [WayOn]
Varsity Star – Summer (Dmx Krew Remix) [Small Pond]
Yola – Hema Hema [Yola]
yunè pinku – DC Rot [Platoon]
Giriu Dvasios – Guolis (Optic_ Remix) [Cold Tear Records]
Giriu Dvasios – Misko Regis [Cold Tear Records]
Heavenchord – Hallucination [Cold Tear Records]
joergmueller – Drop That Stone (Adam Kroll Edit) [Cold Tear Records]
joergmueller – On the Count of Three [Cold Tear Records]
Mikrokristal – Germ of Waking Up [Cold Tear Records]
Monodisc – Rust [Cold Tear Records]
Special Zip – Thunder Filter [Cold Tear Records]
Adaptationes Mirabiles – Luminaire [Traumnovelle]
Asking Altotas – Metaphoric Cognition [Traumnovelle]
Aurtigards – Shy Gaze [Traumnovelle]
Eulenspiegel – Corridors Transversaux [Traumnovelle]
Fascinating Case – No Coincidence [Traumnovelle]
Hic et Nunc – Brandied Cherries [Traumnovelle]
Koenig Eltz – Peekaboo [Traumnovelle]
Lafoliedamour – Siluetas [Traumnovelle]
Silbermaus – Sweet Inventiveness [Traumnovelle]
Sonnenburg – Flattering [Traumnovelle]
Vostok Divers – Childish Innocence [Traumnovelle]
Zirkadian Sender – Among Intimates [Traumnovelle]

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