14 Best Leeds Cocktail Bars

What’s a good night out without a cheeky cocktail or two? And if you’re due to celebrate a Leeds hen party, one of the UK’s best party cities, you don’t want to be served a drink that looks like your Nan’s curtains and tastes like her trifle (ie full of booze and is that soap?!). … Read more

Top 20 Hen Party Cake Makers 2020 – GoHen Blog – Make Memories That Last A Lifetime!

Every celebration should have cake otherwise you can’t reaaaallly call it a celebration – and a hen party is no exception! From elegant gateaus and cheeky creations to cute little cupcakes and bitesize biscuits, there are loads of options out there for every bridal party. So have a little glance down our saliva-stimulating Top 20 … Read more

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If you’re looking to live it up in style with a big trip to the South West, you’ll need somewhere suitably spectacular to stay. So, here at GoHen, ​​we’ve gone and plucked the best houses from our favorite South West destinations, so you can guarantee an unforgettable weekend away. Check them out! Bath Crescent Gardens … Read more