Big Room, Mainstage best new – [15-Apr-2022]

Battisti – Coast2Coast [Hungry Koala Records]
Brick Top – Kaya [Dirty Beatz Records]
Brick Top – Kaya (Radio Mix) [Dirty Beatz Records]
Ecco & Sando – On Your Mind (Extended Mix) [Harmor Records Ltd.]
Ecco & Sando – On Your Mind [Harmor Records Ltd.]
Eric Walker – The Peacock [Big Boss Records]
Fablers, Arvenius & Kaiz3n feat. Robbie Hutton – Everything Tonight (Extended Mix)
Guy Scheiman & inaya Day – Commander [Guy Scheiman Music]
Hardwell – Into The Unknown (Original Mix) Clean 6A 128
Jay Hardway – My Sweet Heaven (feat. Stealth)
Justin Prime & DRIIIFT – Turn Up The Bass (Extended)
Justin Prime & DRIIIFT – Turn Up The Bass (Main)
Justin Prime & DRIIIFT – Turn Up The Bass (MMP Intro Edit)
Justin Prime & DRIIIFT – Turn Up The Bass (MMP QuickHitter)
JustUs – Tunnel
Kristoph Galland – Times [Dysaux Records]
Kristoph Galland – Times (Edit) [Dysaux Records]
Martin Garrix & Dubvision – Starlight (feat. Shaun Farrugia)
Melodika – Winter Guitars [Queen House Music]
Navigare – OAR [64 Recordings]
Navigare – OAR (Instrumental Mix) [64 Recordings]
Navigare – OAR (Radio Mix) [64 Recordings]
NIVIRO feat. Robin Valo – Million Miles (Extended Mix)
NIVIRO – The Year 2049 (Original Mix)
Pigeon Community – Apples Fall Up [Ak Tape 65]
Pigeon Community – Rachel and Professor [Ak Tape 65]
Pigeon Community – Who Killed Michelle [Ak Tape 65]
Si-Lexa – Datura Smoke [Karma Recordings]
Si-Lexa – No More [Karma Recordings]
Si-Lexa – The Loss [Karma Recordings]
Si-Lexa – The Mindfields of Mr. V. [Karma Recordings]
Si-Lexa – Unlimited [Karma Recordings]
Aleksandar Vidakovic – Dynamis [Urban GorillazX]
Arbelaster – Just Leave Me [Urban GorillazX]
Bes Ymeri – Time to Time [Urban GorillazX]
Bsharry – You Better Run [Urban GorillazX]
Christian Weber – Electronic Love (Club Mix) [Urban GorillazX]
Cladigal – Deep End [Urban GorillazX]
Cool Keedz & Audax – Don’t Wanna Wake Up (feat. Pri Pach) [Extended Mix] [Urban GorillazX]
Dens – PST [Urban GorillazX]
Diys – I Want It (Extended Mix) [Urban GorillazX]
Francesco Diaz & Young Rebels – Check This Out [Urban GorillazX]
Francesco Diaz & Young Rebels – Crash [Urban GorillazX]
Iag & Omoc – Got You [Urban GorillazX]
INViDA & Alvin Anthony – Beating for You [Urban GorillazX]
Josh Nor – Beautiful [Urban GorillazX]
Martin Mix & Menshee – You’ll Be the One (Extended Mix) [Urban GorillazX]
Matty Menck – Same for Everyone (Extended Mix) [Urban GorillazX]
Maxim Leity & Cub’X – Crashed (Stereo Tonic Remix) [Urban GorillazX]
Merger – Unbreakable (feat. Alessia Labate) [Extended Mix] [Urban GorillazX]
Neil Page – Rebel [Urban GorillazX]
POINT BLVNK & DVNS – Nothing to Lose (feat. Cadence XYZ) [Extended Mix] [Urban GorillazX]
Relight Orchestra – For Your Love (Mario Sem Remix) [Urban GorillazX]
Rouge – Bes Ymeri [Urban GorillazX]
Sam Collins & Nathaniel the Great – Lights (Extended Mix) [Urban GorillazX]
Sam Collins – Something About You (feat. ONIVA) [Extended Mix] [Urban GorillazX]
Starwoodz – Ring My Bell (Extended Mix) [Urban GorillazX]
Techno Logic – Oversize [Urban GorillazX]
The Teachers – Never Let Me Go (Extended Mix) [Urban GorillazX]
Tom Riviera – I’ve Got a Feeling [Urban GorillazX]
Walky – The Rain [Urban GorillazX]
Z-Man – The Main Stage (Party Mix) [Urban GorillazX]

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