Being Better Tomorrow Than You Are Today By Ken Day

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What impresses me about the type of individual who hires a leadership coach, seeks out mentors, or attends educational classes; is their eagerness to become a better person tomorrow than they are today. Not in one way or another but in a general sense.
If you and I are as good today as we are ever going to be, the remainder of our lives will be unventful. Looking in the mirror, can you say to yourself that you have nothing to improve upon as a leader, spouse, parent, friend, or role model?
There is always room for improvement in our lives. Keeping a continual and watchful eye on how we can enhance who we are making us come alive in ways that at present are unimaginable! Here are some areas most of us can and should seek to improve. Perhaps one or many will resonate with you.
Public Speaking: The irony here is that those who are already very good public speakers are the ones who want tools and techniques to become better. As with leadership below, those who need to improve their speaking skills seldom seem to realize it. Especially in our chosen profession as DJs or mobile entertainers, the importance of developing and improving this particular skill is an area seldom considered essential prior to needing it.
Common areas for quick improvement are eliminating the use of fillers and hook phrases like “um,” “ah;” “OK,” “Ladies and Gentlemen,” and a plethora of others. Utilizing the correct ‘audence appropriate’ words or analogy to get the desired point across; Enhancing facial expressions, vocal tones, or useful interaction which conveys the desired atmosphere by your clients and their guests will always have you being the desired speaker. These skills also make you memorable. Thus, offering potential future business.
Fulfilling a Dream: The most highly accomplished individuals became that way because they had and have a vision or goals and are not satisfied with accomplishing just one goal.
New visions for the future of success, accomplishment, and dreams captivate them like writing their book or screenplay; expanding what they do locally to a national level; reviving their teen rock band into something big; opening a new business; becoming an actor or fine artist. The list can go on, but it needs to be your own dream. Your dream for something better, something bigger, something for your own expectation of “better.”
Coaches, mentors, or workshops often help by taking the large and sometimes overwhelming vision – breaking it apart and developing a long time dreams into a workable list of mini-goals; Whereas, we often experience unsolicited and sometimes solicited advice from well-intending friends or associates who may find reasons this new endeavor will not work. “You’ve got it great now; you’re fabulous at what you do and people like you the way you are! Why rock the boat by trying to do more?” You have to continually remind yourself that it’s your dream, your vision, and you have it in sight no matter what anyone else says.
Spectacular Leadership: As with public speaking, irony exists within the DJ community. Good DJs who want to become great seek the help of experienced DJs, coaches, and mentors. There are only so many things that books, DVDs, or conference calls can teach. A voice of experience can seldom overlooked as useful and sound advice.
Then, there are marginal DJs who believe they are good enough with no need for improvement. Sadly, these oblivious DJs can do more damage than good. We have all experienced these “great” DJs and have done ourselves and our community a disservice by saying they are good or even great to their face and opposite away from them. Reach out to them and offer your assistance in a courteous way.
Some still try to influence through verbally bullying those DJs or by acting unilaterally feeling that it’s not their problem. They often go on ignoring the talent available for everyone’s benefit and making us all very distant from the goal of being “better.” Some criticize when encouragement is needed, find fault instead of answers, or grow apathetic. They simply no longer care. Again, we all need to reach out to those that are missing the chance to become better. The goal for us all this year, and for the years to come, should be to bring one, if not many, with us on our mission to become better tomorrow than we are today.
Whoever you are (and I mean that), whatever you are doing, you can be better tomorrow than you are today. Be one of the people to be admired in seeking your route to self-improvement! If not via a qualified coach, mentor, or workshop, then take a class, join a group with similar interests, take up a new cause or endeavor – anything to enhance who you are and who you are by becoming better tomorrow than you are today .
We can all be “better” in this new year by just seeking out those better than ourselves, in the areas that we need improvement, and then jumping whole-heartedly into our own betterment.
There is always someone out there better, smarter, or more insightful than we personally are; seek them out!

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